Monday, December 5, 2011

Duluth Ski Trip

This past weekend Patrick's whole class made the drive to Duluth, about 3.5 hours north of where we live, to go skiing.  We all left on Friday and just chilled at the hotel that evening.  Saturday we woke bright and early to hit the slopes.  Unfortunately we haven't got much snow yet so very few runs were open, but it was still tons of fun. The view at the top of the hill was of Lake Superior which is absolutely beautiful!
Cole, Patrick and Lance

Brie, Ansley, Melissa, Parker


Allison, Parker, Ansley, and Kimmy

The Fam

The Gang...minus a few :)

 We skied until 2-ish and headed back to the hotel for a nap.  That evening we all went out to eat at Old Chicago, a delicious pizza place on the canal.  The guys had a gift exchange after we ate and when we left it started snowing...soooo pretty!  Parker, Ansley, Melissa, and I headed back to the hotel to put the kiddos to bed but the rest of the bunch went to show off their dance moves at Grandma's.  I heard some pretty funny stories the next morning :)  We just headed home on Sunday since we had Sully with us and came home to 5 inches of snow.
Parker's idea of a nap :)

Parker and his buddy, Ansley

Dinner at Old Chicago

Gift exchage

Lake Superior view

Spirit Mountain

First of December and Snowblowing!

So we have basically no leaves on the trees now, a little snow (although they usually have a lot more snow already by this time), and the creek has started to freeze over!  Looks a little colder than the first of November pic...that's because it is.  It is 19 degrees this afternoon as I am writing this post.  The highs right now are in the low 20's.

Dec. 1st Pictures of Backyard

Dec. 4th Pictures of Backyard

Sully loving the snow!!!
We got 5 inches of snow on Saturday, so Sunday Patrick had to break out the snowblower!  Unfortunately you get what you pay for and it has a few glitches, but he got the driveway done.  Here are a few pics of him working in the freezy cold...
check out how much the shovel is in the snow!

watch out

our snow bunny walking around on his walker he got from his buddy Ansley

front of the house

snowblowing the driveway