Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random pics and videos...

 Who said my child is quiet???

 On the move...
 Parker helping us pack up for the move back to Texas!
 Doesn't everyone run around their house naked!

 Loving the quesadilla :)

Parker's First Haircut

So today Mommy finally bit the bullett and gave Parker his first haircut.  I'm not going to lie, I definitely had to hold back the tears :)  No more hair in the eyes though and he looks pretty handsome!

Here are a few pics of the before...


 And the after...

My baby looks so grown up now!!!

Sort of, Kind of Parker's First Steps...

So, yesterday Parker took some steps all by himself!!!  He took 6-10 steps about 6 different times.  Won't be long!!!!!!

Minnesota Wild Hockey Game

Hockey is big up here so we couldn't leave without going to a pro game!  The atmosphere was awesome and we won!!!
 Parker slept the first period...he was pooped.
 Lance and Ansley

 Ansley and Parker

 Me and Melissa
 Kimmy and Nick!

Parker had the tired sillies when we got home :)  Got to love the belly laugh!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Official...Texas here we come!

YAHOOOOO!!!!  We finally found out we do get to move back to Texas!!!  We knew we eventually would but everything is now official.  Patrick will be working in the Woodlands area...including the counties of Montgomery, Grimes, Walker, and Madison.  Not the area that we were originally expecting to move back to, but we are excited for the new opportunity and ready to get back close to family and friends.  We are in the process of searching for a rental home and trying to figure out where we actually want to set down roots and the best place/opportunity for my career as well.  Let us know if you will be living close to us or have any advise on towns around that area.  Please keep us in your prayers as we make the move back down south to warmer weather :)  Patrick's last day will be April 20th, but hopefully Parker and I will make it back a little sooner!

Parker couldn't contain his excitement!!!
Time to get packing!!!

Turning 28

So this is a little late, but I wanted to briefly recap my 28th birthday festivities.  The Saturday before my birthday, we all went out to eat at the Mexican restaurant in town.  And of course they stuck a sombrero on my head and sang me a little tune :)  Then they tried to feed me my free dessert and shoved it up my nose and almost broke my tooth...but all was good and we had a great time.  Sunday Patrick surprised me with a babysitter, thanks Melissa, and he toke me to see one of my favs The Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  It was still the same movie but it never gets old :)  Tuesday was my actual birthday and Patrick had to leave town early that day, so I thought I was going to have to celebrate most of it with just Parker.  But low and behold my wonderful friends up here, Jen Megan Melissa Kimmy Emily and the two little bits Ansley and Aria, surprised me with pizza and the most awesome Dirty Dancing cake!!!  And they were dressed in 80's these girls :)  Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.
 The Federated Women! (minus Kimmy)
 Love me some Patrick Swayze :)
Still enjoying my 20's, however the big 3-0 is fastly approaching!

Parker's First Aggie Basketball Game

Last weekend we made the trip down to Iowa State vs. A&M basketball game.  It's just a little over 2 hours from our house, so not too bad.  Patrick was able to get "family" tickets from a friend that works for the team, so we were right behind the Aggie bench.  We lost big time but Parker was amazed by all the action :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

11 Months!

Parker...this will be my last post before you will turn ONE!!!  It kind of makes me really sad you are growing so quickly.  This has been a fun month! I have lots of planning to do for your first birthday, so this may be a little shorter letter :)
You weigh about 18.5 pounds now.
You wear a size 3 diaper, almost in size 4.
You wear 12 months tops and 9 month britches.
You are a size 3 shoe.
Meal times have become much more fun for you and for me!  You got sick the first part of the month and you didn't really feel like eating anything for about a week.  However, I think you have been making up for it :)
You are still a little picky, but I finally got you eating peas and corn and cucumbers.  Yeah for some veggies!!!  You don't eat any more pureed food.  I am always a little timid feeding you new table food but you take it like a champ and really do a good job of chewing it up.  It amazes me what all you eat with only 4 1/2 teeth.  Lately for breakfast you have been eating either pancakes made with applesauce and sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, Cheerios, or greek yogurt.  For lunch you have fallen in love with quesadillas -- I usually make them with refried black beans, avocadoes, and chicken or hummus and chicken.  And dinner you usually have chicken, peas/carrots/corn, and brown rice or whole grain pasta.  Otherwise you eat parts of our dinner depending on what it is.  You have also really taken an interest in trying to feed yourself.  You try and get you rice on your spoon and occasionally it makes it to your mouth.  Oh yes, forgot to mention that you love fruit...your favorite lately are blueberries.
You are becoming a very good sleeper...knock on wood. Lately you have been sleeping until about 6:30 or 7-ish...I feed you then but you usually don't go back to sleep anymore. You usually take two naps still.

You have started to become a little more adventurous and occasionally will stand by yourself for a brief while.  Still waiting on that first little step though :)

This month you have accomplished the high five!!!  You have also been into head butting lately.  It is fine until you hit Mommy's nose and then it hurts.  Next on the list is Gig 'Em.

You have five teeth and your sixth is just right there.  You love to brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em.You love taking things out of boxes one at a time and usually throwing them and then sometimes putting them back in.

Only a couple more weeks that I can still call you my baby...then you will officially be a toddler.  However, you will always and forever be my baby boy.  Love you Monkey!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4th Tooth

We have another tooth...yesterday Jan. 31st Parker's other top front tooth came out!