Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Belly Laugh

In case you didn't see the post on Facebook, here is another video.....we caught Parker's first belly laugh on video last night!  It is hilarious and so cute :)  He thought Sully chasing a Gatorade bottle was awfully funny.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Teaching Rebecca!!! and Home Alone

Patrick left Saturday morning for his first home visit!!!  He will be in Texas for a whole week.  I think he hung out with some of his buddies in Houston Saturday night and got to see Rebecca's new pad. He is headed to LG next weekend to see his parents.

Parker and I are stuck here in Minnesota :(  Wish we could have gone home too!  But that's okay, it's cool here :)  We filled our weekend with the farmer's market, Halloween costume shopping, tennis, a movie, and being outside.

HAPPY 1st DAY OF TEACHING FOR MONEY REBECCA!!!!  (and happy 1st day back for all you other teachers :)  Hope you love your new job and your boys.  You are going to be a fabulous teacher!
 I made this little apple out of crayons for Rebecca...I thought it turned out pretty cute.  Hope she likes it! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steele County Fair

This week was the Steele County Free Fair...! This is Minnesota's largest county fair.  It has over 100 food vendors and over 30 rides/games.  With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that the Steele County Free Fair was named "One of the top events in North America".


People in this town actually take off of work for this event...crazy.  We  went the first day it was open, Tuesday, and scoped out the food vendors and ended up with the famous fried Snickers!!!  It was delicious I must say :)  It reminded me of good ole' Tommy Boy...

"Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter." [Watching Tommy eat french fries and then squirting ketchup into his mouth

Fried Snickers...YUM

The rest of the week we got to see the exotic petting zoo, all of the show animals, the lumberjack show, pig races, great bands, and a few more fried desserts!  I busted out laughing when I saw a Brahma in the exotic petting zoo!!!!!!!  We asked the owner, "What makes them exotic, that was my high school mascot?" and he said "You don't see them around this must be from Texas."  I said, "Yes sir" with a proud smile :)  

Parker loved all the lights and music!  We can check the fair off our list of things to do up!

We couldn't stop laughing at Parker's expression on this pic!!!

The Fed Boys

Kimmy and Me with Sleeping Parker

Getting ready for the exciting pig races :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Coaster Craft

Kimberly was wanting coasters for her bday for her new apartment.  I looked everywhere and couldn't any cute ones so I spotted these boring wood ones at the Salvation Army and vualaaaa!  Hope she likes them...if not I had fun making them.

Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Months!

Your 5th month has been a little trying but overall good.  We started solids and so far you are loving it!  You open your mouth when the spoon comes and gobble it down (along with your fingers :).  And sometimes you just like to chew on the spoon. 

Your hair is getting so long, but just on the top.  If we spiked it it would look like a mohawk!  You have become very watch Daddy as he mows the lawn and watch Sully as he races around the house.  Talk, talk, talk all the time and you are loud...I guess you get that from Daddy.  You love anything that makes a plastic bag, or a bag of chips, bells, your light up toys. You grab anything in your reach!  You have got really good at pulling mommy's hair and earrings...I only wear studs now.  Your nails grow like weeds.  We have just went up to size 2 in diapers.  You are still wearing 3 month clothes, although you can fit into some 3-6 month clothes like pants.  It won't be long though and you will grow out of them lengthwise, definitely not are still pretty lean.

Sleeping is where the trouble has come in :)  You definitely take the best naps in no better place but...your mommy's arms.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle with you but....I have to get things done around the house (or attempt to make cute crafts).  You take most of your naps still in your swing unless we are out and about, which most of the time we are.  Then you fall asleep pretty quickly in your car seat.  You always take a nap around 10ish and then around 1ish.  After that it usually varies....somewhere between 4 and 8ish.  Then you usually are ready for night night around 9:30-10ish.  I rock or nurse you to sleep, lay you down in your crib, and it never wake around 2 hours later.  Sometimes I can get you back in your crib to sleep a little longer without waking, but usually you end up in bed with us :)  Then you still wake about every two hours for no particular reason...maybe the boogie monster.  Oh well, maybe someday you will sleep through the night again.  And maybe someday you will feel safe enough to sleep the whole night in your crib.

Other than that you are truly a joy.  Many of our friends have either had trouble getting pregnant, have had a miscarriage, or some other hurdle and although we feel very sorry for their struggles and pray for them everyday, at the same time it makes us appreciate you even more and realize the surreal gift God has blessed us with.  For whatever reason He wanted us to have you when we did and we are trying to capture each moment you do something new and each day we get to hug you and see that sparkle in your eyes. 

Only a few more weeks until you are 1/2 year old...may have to throw you a party :)  Love you more than you can ever know!

Love, Mommy

After this we learned not to play with spoons :)


What are the odds :)

Two out of 10,000

The state's nickname, The Land of 10000 Lakes, is no exaggeration; there are 11842 Minnesota lakes over 10 acres in size. Sooooooooooo, this weekend we visited our second lake!!!  Our first was the Minnetonka lake when we went on the Sunset cruise.

One of Patrick's classmates is actually from Owatonna and her family has a lake house about 20 minutes away. They have a pontoon boat, ski boat, and jetski.  Patrick's whole class went out their Saturday and everyone had a great time.  It was awesome and the weather turned out beautiful for us.  It was actually a little cold if you were wet and the sun was behind the clouds, but luckily the sun didn't hide too much :)

We ended up bringing Sully and he went on his first swim!  He had a grand time trying to catch the waves and playing in the water.  I got to throw Patrick off the jetski a few times...hehe.  I think we may have to invest in one of those when we start making money was too fun.  Parker wasn't a big fan of the water...I think it was a little too cold for him...but he had fun sun bathing and watching Sully run around like a mad man.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go Twins Go!!!

Patrick had lots of quizzes this week and had his final for Phase I on Friday.  He did great on all of them and made an A on his final...that's my hubby!  To celebrate the end of the week, we headed to Plaza Morena, a mexican restaurant, Friday evening for drinks and sand volleyball!  If anyone knows me, I sure do get excited anytime I get the chance to play volleyball.  Soooo, Patrick babysat while Mommy finally got to play and forget about Parker for a short while.  I had tons of fun...I miss playing...hopefully I can get a team together for league play this fall.

Saturday we had a fun filled day in Minneapolis.  My Uncle Jeff's family all lives in Minnesota and his Mom, aka Nana Monie, lives just right in Minneapolis.  So we all had lunch at their home and had a great visit.  We talked about what other sites we should see in Minnesota while we are here, The Knights/Aunt Ali and Uncle Jeff/Cousin Olivia and Cooper, and of course Parker.  Monie and Keith loved Parker and we really enjoyed their company.

After lunch we headed downtown for our first Twins game and Parker's first baseball game.  We went to a few Irish pubs before the game and enjoyed the great weather.  Target field was awesome...we had seats down the first base side.  Parker slept for about 20 minutes the whole time we were there...everytime we got an out he would wake due to the cheering.  We had to take a few breaks to nurse and feed him cereal, but otherwise he was a trooper and lasted the whole game!!  The Twins ended up losing the game, but we had great family time and we can check it off of our list of MN things-to-do.

We got our Twins gear on :)

Taking his boy to his first baseball game!
Target Field

Parker loved the game...smiling as we leave the stadium