Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dr. Seuss Party Decor...

So here are a few pics of the decorations we had up for Parker's 1st Birthday was a fun theme to decorate with!!!
Dr. Seuss fish made out of rice krispies and fondant...Jen did an awesome job!

Green deviled eggs and ham, oodles of noodles pasta salad, truffala tree red hot seeds

Mash cake!

Cat in the Hat Cake, Yertle's Caramel Turtles to the right

Welcome to Whoville :)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Brownies

Hop on Pop (Corn)

ABC Book with the Lorax Truffula Trees made from tp rolls and tissue paper


Horton Hears a Who table with the pink clovers, one fish two fish (gold fish), dr. seuss coloring pages for the kids

Front of the invitation framed!

Lots of Dr. Seuss books and truffala trees!!!

Horton holding the clover with the speck of dust :)
Everybody signed Parker's Cat in the Hat book.

Parker is ONE!  Used my Christmas card holder :)
Whew...I think that is about it.  I can't take credit for all the Dr. Seuss drawings...Jen helped out with those and she also was the cake master!!! 

Parker's Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

We had Parker's first birthday party the Saturday before his actual birthday.  He took a nap for the first hour of his party and we eventually had to wake him!  We opened gifts first and since I woke him up to a room full of people, Momma had to open most of the gifts.

Ansley and her Daddy Lance

Next we let Parker have at his Mash Cake...made by the great Mrs. Jen!!!  She made Parker's cake and the awesome Cat in the Hat cake!  He was a little timid at first, but by the end he had blue icing from ear to ear and squished between every finger!  Yum!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Nana and Pops singing Happy Birthday on Skype

Nana and Pops made the party!!!  It was awesome :)



Parker and Kimmy

The 3 Federated Kiddos

Chad kissing the Dr. Seuss fish
 Sweetest video...Ansley telling Parker Happy Birthday.
Love these girls...not sure where Kimmy is?  I'm going to miss them tons!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!!!

Today you turn one!!!  Wow...I feel like the year has gone by fairly quickly but yet I feel like you have been a part of our family forever.  I can't imagine our life without you. 

You have "blessed" us with a gift on your are walking!!!  This past week you really started to get confident with your steps and walking from mommy to daddy and back.  Now the last two days you have really gained confidence and will walk to object to object.  I love the huge grin you get on your face as you are about to reach your destination!  It is priceless.  You have such concentration and hold your hands out to the side to help you balance. 

We celebrated your birthday on Saturday, because Daddy had to leave town for work.  I know he is really sad he can't be here on your special day.  We had a wonderful Dr. Seuss party for you and your girlfriends Aria and Ansley came to play with you.  I'll post more on it soon!

This past year has been one huge gift to me...I love you more than you can know.  I hope you have taken in so much your first year of life and I pray that you will have many, many more.  Your Daddy and I can't wait to see what this next year will be like, what you will learn and accomplish, and to see your personality develop even more.  Happy Birthday little monkey...may all your birthday wishes come true!!! I love you!