Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Painting the Little Boy's Room...

This past weekend Patrick and I decided to tackle the project of painting our nursery for the little boy.  Since his bedding is pretty busy and the room is kind of small, we decided to do something very clean and simple.  Three of the walls we just painted back to a basic off-white and one wall is a light blue with a white strip in the center.  We had such teamwork!  I did all the outlining, while Patrick did all the rolling.

Our plans are to add some type of decorations in the white strip...whether its circles, his initials (wish we knew what those were going to be?!?!), his name, name it.  Another "getting ready for baby" item that we can check off of our list!  Next is to finally tackle the bedding...I have to make the first cut :)

More pregnancy updates...We started our birthing classes this past Sunday.  Our teacher is great and we are looking forward to the next few weeks.  We've been doing our exercises and Patrick has been very supportive.  Wish us luck!  At our doctor's visit this week, I have now gained 15 pounds....eeks...he's growing!  We had to do the glucose testing and will find out the results tomorrow.  Hopefully all is good and mom is nice and healthy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

3rd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

This year the annual sweater party was held at Kari and Skinny's house.  We left Saturday afternoon and carpooled to College Station. Words can't describe some of the outfits this year.  Each year they get tackier and tackier. Besides the great outfits, we got to visit with some of our best friends and got to catch up with those we haven't seen in awhile.  Some of the highlights...Scud Ice, the living room dance party, Will's midget pic, flowing sessions, and more!  Enjoy the pics...

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Happy Turkey Day!

I'm a little behind with my posts, but I didn't want to leave out our Thanksgiving holiday festivities!  We started off the holiday by doing a little Christmas decorating.  Patrick successfully got all the lights hung on the house and they look festive and sparkly. Thanksgiving day we bundled up for the A&M vs. t.u was cold!  We met up with some of Patrick's buddies before the game and once we got in the stadium the weather wasn't too bad...cold but comfortable.  There were a lot of Aggies at the game which was awesome and we ended up with a victory...whoop.  Beautiful ending to a great turn around season.
Will, Schneider, John, Brent, Patrick, and Wade

The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band
Friday we left early for La Grange to spend time with the Hebert's.  Mark fried a delicious turkey and Rebecca and I pretended like we knew what we were doing while making the sides.  Everything turned our delicious!  Poor Kathleen was very sick and wasn't able to enjoy any of it...but if I haven't told...her and Mark are also having a little boy...two Hebert boys only a few weeks apart...could be scary :)  We of course got a little Mexican Train in before heading to Hallettsville.

Saturday we spend out at Hackberry with the Freytag's.  Mom made another delicious dinner, not turkey and dressing, but it was yummy.  We had a chance to play with Aubrey and Luke and also celebrate Mom and Dad's birthdays.  Sully, like always, had the time of his life out in the country...he had his fill of cows, stickers, and running free.  It took Sully a few days of sleep to recover from all the excitement :)  My camera unfortunately never made it out of the truck, so no pics :( 

Patrick and I have so much to be thankful for in our lives right now.  We have such giving and supportive families.  God has blessed us with a cozy home, our pets, Sully and Oscar, jobs, great friends, each other, and most of all...a little baby boy on the way!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Yard of the Month!

So Patrick's dream finally came true a few days ago!  We now have a nice Yard of the Month sign outside our front door.

Granted we have worked really hard bringing our yard back to life since we bought the house, since it was literally hay and dirt when we moved in, but it really doesn't compare to some of the other nicely manicured and luscious gardens in the neighborhood.  We asked ourselves..."Why us?".  But little did we know, one of our neighbors nominated us and told the HOA we had been working really hard and deserve it!  Somebody noticed our work at least...sooooo for the next month we better keep it lookin' good.

Here is the yard about a year ago..the BEFORE.

And AFTER...It will always need work, but "yeah" for us!!!