Monday, October 24, 2011

7 months!

Dear Parker,
You are SEVEN months old!!!

You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes and are now wearing a size 3 diaper.

You have become a slightly better sleeper thankfully! You still get up once a night around finally stopped waking at the 11 pm time! You usually take around two naps a day, sometimes three - one in the morning for about 30 minutes and one in the afternoon about an hour to hour and a half.  We sometimes still put you in your swing for naps, but you are almost always in your crib :)

You are a great eater! You are eating two times a day! You always eat oatmeal cereal and you love sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, and carrots.  You still don't like pears or bananas.  We just tried green beans and you will only take a few bites :)

You are sort of army crawling and you keep getting on all fours and rocking back and forth which is so exciting. You put out your arms and put one leg up and pull yourself forward to get something you want and you back yourself in to corners a lot.  Not sure if I'm ready for a crawler, but ready or you come.

You have one tooth so far and don't worry Pops, we have already started brushing it!  You like to chew on your toothbrush which doesn't surprise me.

You always want us to pay attention to you and love attention! You ADORE Sully still and when Daddy gets home from work you get the biggest grin on your face. 

I've tried giving you puffs this week and you love them. You will pick them up and hold them and aim for your mouth...but it doesn't quite make it in there.  I can sense your frustration :)  But you love when Mommy pops them in your mouth...they are a good distraction when we are grocery shopping.

I love you,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aimee, Kari, and Skinny's Visit!!!

Last weekend we had some very very special BFFs come all the way to Minnesota to see us!!!  We had a wonderful time with them and can't thank them enough for coming to visit.  Love you guys!  Now on to what we all did...

Aimee flew in Thursday around 4 pm, so Parker and I headed to Minneapolis to pick her up.  On the way home we stopped at the Land's End coat sale and I got myself a puffy white down coat that will withstand -30 degree weather!!! that off my list of winter survival gear.  We headed home and planned all kinds of sight seeing things to do in Minneapolis once we picked up Kari and Skinny.

They arrived around 11 am on Friday and from there we headed to the Mall of America.  It is usually the first place I take people because it is like a mile from the airport.  From there we headed to a burger joint, the 5-8 Club, for lunch.  Aimee had watched Man vs. Food in Minneapolis and the guy ate a Juicy Lucy burger...the patty is filled with cheese...yummy and delicious!  So we all ordered one and stuffed ourselves to the max!  Minnehaha Falls were next on the agenda...beautiful waterfall in a park.  Parker and I stayed in the car so he could nap while the rest of the gang checked it out and got some pretty photos.  Continuing on...we then drove to the Stone Arch Bridge and called it a day.  Parker was worn out and Patrick was anxious to see his buddy :)  That night we hung out and caught up while Patrick and Skinny went to met up with some of Patrick's classmates.

Saturday we all slowly got out of bed and headed to Northfield.  We caught the tail end of their Riverwalk Tent Craft Sale.  We didn't buy anything, just browsed.

 We stopped at The Tavern for lunch and although it was beautiful weather and good food, we kept getting eatin' by these little black bugs! On our way home we stopped at the Fireside Apple Orchards.  Kari, Aimee, and Skinny got to experience apple picking for the first time.  It was a little different from when we went with my parents...all different apples were ripe for the pickin' (Snow Sweet was our favorite), half of the apples had fallen to the ground already, and the tree leaves were turning brown!  I finally got my caramel covered was yummy.  And Skinny bought some sugary coated deep fried donuts that were heaven.  We all watched the Aggies beat the hell outta Texas Tech that evening and Skinny serenaded us with his musical talents like always.  Patrick and I sure missed those evenings listening to him play his guitar and singing Texas country...thanks for giving us our fix!

Sunday the weather was gorgeous for us...although the visitors were hoping for a little cooler weather...I enjoyed the last few days I will get to wear shorts until we probably move back to Texas.  We decided to enjoy the outside and we all went out to play a game of disc/frisbee golf!  Skinny's disc was attracted to the water for some reason, but otherwise everyone did really good for their first time.  Went out for some Rose Street pizza afterwards and then rented it.

Monday we unfortunately had to take Kari and Skinny back to the airport...boooo!  Aimee, Parker and I hit up a few more sights in Minneapolis before heading home.  Our first stop was at the St. Paul Cathedral.  I had seen it before when we first moved up here but I definitely didn't is so pretty and huge.   The capitol is very close, so we drove by and took some photos but didn't go inside.  We then went to the Como Zoo...saw some awesome a polar bear, gorilla, and of course favorite.  I like seeing them but always feel so sorry for them :(  Two more things on our list...The Basilica of Saint Mary and the Sculpture Garden.  We made it to both, but unfortunately the Basilica closed early and we didn't get to go inside. 
Tuesday we made our last trip to Minneapolis to drop Aimee off at the airport.  We were very sad to see her go, but we were so glad she came!

Busy weekend and good visiting time!  We are relaxing this weekend, making lots of baby food for Parker, celebrating AJ's birthday, and getting ready for Grandma and Grandpa Hebert.  Four more sleeps until they are here!!!  And seven more sleeps until our trip back to Texas!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First of October

So my Mom thought I should take a picture of our backyard each month so you get a sense of how much it is changing or how much snow we have!  Sooooo, here is my October post.  The leaves are all changing and the fall foliage is gorgeous.  They are also falling and gives me lots to pick up!

Below are a few shots from the park near our house...

Going for our Saturday morning run!

Okay here are two pics of the backyard...take note of the bird feeder.  And in the few months to come you will be able to tell how high the snow is :)
To the left

To the right
 And just a few random pics...
Sully waiting for Parker to play with him

Shootin' the bird

Hold me Momma
Giggly Video

Side note...Parker's first tooth is emerging!!!  On Monday, Oct. 3rd we felt one of his bottom ones peeking out.  It is barely there so no pics yet!

Aimee is coming to visit us tomorrow and Kari and Skinny will be here Friday!!!! Yahooooo...we are so excited!