Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloweeeeen

This year we didn't do anything extravagant for Halloween.  We didn't try to scare the little ones or use the strobe light.  We had a couple of friends in town so they manned the candy while we took Parker down the street to a couple of houses.  Parker was a moo cow this year, borrowed from a friend, but I must say he was pretty cute.  And all they neighbors thought so as well and kept giving him more candy!  He quickly caught on that he needed to knock on the door first and then wait.  Then when they held out their bowls of candy he would pick out just the lollipops :)  After his little bucket was full we headed back to the house to help hand out candy.

On to our first house!

Hmmmm, she gave me lollipops :)

Please Mommy

"Uncle" Scott came to visit us!