Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Patrick iphone picture dump...

Welcome to the world Wyatt Craig Stephens

Parker's bestie, Chuck

Grant's Wedding

M&W Game with Aunt Rebecca and Grandpa

A real barber shop

I'm cute.

Schneider's wedding...Galveston beach

Moustache Baby shower for Wyatt

Pony rides with Grandma and Grandpa


Cousin Caroline and Parker

Feed me!

Me and my truck...that's all I need.

Grandma with the grandkids

I'm cool

A boy and his dog.

Daddy's Day 2012

Sunday was Father's Day and it was a pretty chill day at our house.  We went to mass, did some yard work and went to the pool.  I had plans to grill fajitas for dinner that night but instead Patrick chose to eat at Jack in the Box...his day :)

I couldn't ask for anyone better to be the father of our little Parker.  It makes my heart melt to see those two together giggling and cuddling.

Blueberry Pickin'

Parker and I went to pick blueberries for Nana the other day at the Moorehead Blueberry Farm.  There were sooooo many to pick.  I think I could have stayed on one tree and picked a whole bucket, but of course I had to chase Parker through the trees.  I was so afraid I was going to lose him.  He had a blast picking the blueberries off the trees and eating them all...he was definitely no help with filling up the bucket.  We picked for 2 straight hours and got 7 pounds of berries!!!  It was hot, hard work. But they sure were
tasty :)

Missed my Minnesota girls...Melissa, Ansley, and Jen :(   Brought back some good memories of strawberry pickin' in MN!

Pickin' and Eatin'

Parker decided to go digging and eat some blueberry mud pie :)

Just starting!

My buddy <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Canton Girl's Weekend

Girl's weekend at Canton was super fun!  Mom treated us to a whole weekend of non-stop shopping, wine drinking, and no kiddos.  It was our first Canton experience...quite overwhelming. Sooooo much stuff!  I didn't come home with too much but loved the experience and loved browsing and getting ideas.  It was like a live pinterest!  We stayed on the hill in a little shack, but it was cozy and added to the experience.  We shopped all day Friday and Saturday and then went to look at all the puppies on Sunday.  Kristin almost brought home a really cute puppy.  Pretty sure this will become an annual girl's wknd :)

Delicious crepes!!!

My beautiful sisters

I love my mommy and shopping :)

Having fun at the winery

We got a little rowdy and they locked us up.

Walking the mountain

Sexy heels!

Work it girl.

Hackberry Work Weekend

Two weekends ago everybody headed to Hackberry for a weekend full of work and fixin' up the place.  We all chilled Friday evening when everyone arrived.  Then we woke early Saturday morning, dressed in our rubber boots and garden gloves, and started working.  The girls were in charge of trimming the hedges, mowing, and picking weeds.  It was a great stress reliever and workout!  The guys helped Pops trim a bunch of trees and haul them to the burn pile.  They also cleaned up a bunch of brush...can we say poison ivy!!!  Let's not forget the most important job of them all...Nana maned the grandkids and cooked...hardest job of them all!

All in all we had a great weekend.  We didn't have an agenda for the weekend, no holiday, no presents to unwrap....just time to visit and make Hackberry look loved.  The grandkids all had an awesome time riding the tractor, lawn mower, and go-kart.  They were in heaven :)

Go-karting with Aunt Kristin!

The Freytag Men

Nana and Aubrey

Aunt Kimberly and Aunt Kristin

I love the tractor and my Daddy

Being free!!!