Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 months!

   Dear Parker - it's your half birthday!
You are SIX months old! (and a few days)
  Here are your stats from the are just a little guy :)   But you wore a size 2 diaper (just switched to size 3) and size 6 month clothes.
Height:  25.7 inches (65.5)  19%
Weight:  14.9 lbs (6.6)  4.25%
Head Circumference:  17 1/4 inches (44)  50%

You take two to three fairly good naps a day and you are not a great sleeper, but we are slowly working on that.  I am still a little tired in the mornings but I do have hope that we will both sleep one day! (Sometimes I kind of like the middle of the night feedings.  I'll miss them so much when they are over soon).  I thought I would try and let you cry it out more, but the doctor said since you are so little to keep on feeding you!  You have been pretty gassy lately and I think sometimes your toots wake you up :)

You are just so sweet and happy.  You still like to be held most of the time but we can put you down to play some and in the jumperoo and Bumbo you are super happy. One of the cutest things you started doing is reaching for me when you want me to hold you.  You have started sitting up this!!!  Occasionally you will crash but for the most part you are good to go.  It is so nice to be able to set you down to play when I need to use both hands, try on clothes, you name it. 

You still like eating and have had cereal, sweet potatoes, and bananas so far. You are not a fan of "naners" and you make an awful face. Cereal is still your favorite.  You love your sippy cup, but I'm still not sure how much water you are actually getting...most ends up on the shirt.  And you still love love love to chew your spoon :)

You think Sully is the best thing ever and you always want to pet him and pull his hair - Sully likes to sit and give you kisses and is so gentle with you.  You two are going to be best buds very soon.  Sully and a water bottle gave you your first belly laugh!  Other than Sully, you smile at everyone and are a happy-go-lucky baby.  Give you a string of some sort to chew on and you are a happy camper!

You are a roller right now! You roll everywhere and can almost drag yourself all over the floor. You can move just a little from where I set you down, but it won't be long and you will be on the other side of the room.  Changing your diaper lately is like wrestling a baby alligator.  You do not like to be very still and I have to give you a toy for a distration!

I think you are happy being on the go.  You love riding in the stroller and being outside - you never fuss if we go for walks.  You are also pretty good and content to be in your car seat in the car...puts you to sleep fast these days...big change from when you were first born.  You can sit up in a real high chair now which is great when we go out to eat.  You can kinda sit in a shopping cart, but I usually have to put some groceries on either side of you for support and have to use our handy seat cover thingy for the cart.

Daddy and I are so in love with you! You have made our family complete (for now) and I can't imagine life without your sweet little face and dimple. You are our joy!  I thank God every day for giving me the privilege to spend my life being your mom!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nana and Pop's Visit to MN

Yesterday we were very sad to see Nana and Pops go :( ....but, we had a great time while they were here.  And this time it will only be a month until we get to see them again, so it was a little easier to say goodbye.  It had been 3 months since my parents had seen Parker last, besides videos and video chat, so he was like a different little boy to them. We managed to do quite a few sight-seeing things and we also left some time to just veg!

Last Wednesday after Parker and I picked them up from the airport, we made a quick razzo through the Mall of say they did it.   Nana and Pops bought Parker his first Lego set in Lego Land! He might have enjoyed the box more than the Legos but that's okay :)
Thursday I showed them around town and in the evening we went to a Fall Festival in Waseca at the U of M Research Center.  It was pretty chilly that night!
Friday we headed to the Indian Island Winery for some wine tasting and dinner.  They had campfires set up outside and thank goodness they did because it was cold!  It was fun to snuggle up by the fire though and it was a beautiful view.
Saturday we had a full day!  We woke up and headed downtown to the Farmer's Market.  We got lots of fresh veggies, homemade cheese, and yummy breakfast.  Again it was fairly cold and many of the vendors/locals were packing up and going home...made us feel better...we weren't the only weenies :)  We headed back to the house, picked up Parker and Patrick, and headed out for Red Wing, MN.  It has been on our list of places to is located on the Mississippi River and the border of Wisconsin.  It is home of the Red Wing Boot Company and since it is along the river, it has rolling hills with a beautiful view.  We were hoping the trees would have started changing, but unfortunately they need a few more weeks.

 On the way home we stopped at the Cannon Falls Winery.  We actually didn't sample their wine, but we took a limo out to their vineyards and got a little tour of the grounds.  The U of M has actually cultivated a few types of grapes that will withstand the freezing weather here.  Texas grapes wouldn't survive :)  And then we finally stopped at an apple orchard!!  It was awesome...fresh picked apples, so crisp!  I didn't realize how small apple trees are...I always pictured the apple trees on the Wizard of Oz, you know the ones that swat Dorothy :) I'm pretty sure that was my first time to see an apple tree and they were all so full.  The apple man let us pick a few directly from the trees and then he let us sample all of the different varieties.  We came home with a bag of apples and some fresh honey.  The Honeycrisp apple is actually Minnesota's state fruit!
Sunday we went to Mass and then relaxed inside...the weather was cold and wet.  Only two weeks until our next visitors come...Aimee, Kari, and Skinny!  Can't wait!  And only a month until Parker and I head to Texas for some Aggie Football and Czhilispiel.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

"C'mon Dover, Move Your Bloomin' Arse!" and Happy G-Rents Day!

Canterbury Park Horse Races
This weekend was filled with fun!  Friday all of the guys came over and played poker at our house.  Melissa and Ansley came too, so we got to chat :)  I think Patrick ended up coming in second place and won some!  However, Saturday we decided to go to the horse races at Canterbury Park, just right outside Minneapolis, and we lost it ALL!!!  It was the last weekend for the races so us and Kimmy and Nick headed there yesterday afternoon.  If I have ever been to the races before, I must have been too small to remember.  It was loads of fun!  It is so interactive...first you get to watch all the horses walk by with their jockeys (such tiny little men), then you pick your horse of choice (I usually just picked a name I Sugar Peaks or Have We Met...they are so creative), then go bet on it (we pretty much just bet the minimum), then it is time for the race, and they're off!!!  Which brings me to the title of my post...My Fair Lady, what a good classic movie :) 

Then of course if you won you get to collect your winnings...however, I wouldn't know what that feels like.  Luck was not on my side yesterday and I didn't win once.  Nick and Kimmy did good though and they broke even for the day. 

I just wish I would have brought a big hat and dressed up!

Today we went to church, watched some football, and put the storm windows on.  First we had to clean them all...eww.  We don't have these in Texas I don't think :)  They are supposed to add another layer of insulation...hope they work.  Fall is here and cooler weather is on the way.

Happy Grandparent's Day to Nana and Pops Freytag and Grandma and Grandpa Hebert...Parker loves and misses you!  And he is sitting up all by himself now :)

He just wanted to eat it :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Houston, Hot Tubs, and Hospitals

Patrick finally made it back home Sunday night around 10 pm and we were so glad!!!  We missed him lots and lots and I slept sooo much better Sunday night knowing he was next to me :)

Patrick's Trip:  I think he had a successful trip back home to Houston.  He got to see Rebecca's new apartment and spend some time with her. 
Several of his college buddies met up with him last Saturday and they all crashed at Brent's house...catching up, doing guy things.  Monday he had a district meeting and got to meet all of the marketing reps in his area or were we hope to get placed.  All of them love their job and it gave Patrick confidence knowing he made the right decision.  Supposedly, he has one of the best district managers/bosses in the company...based on sales, which is definitely a good thing...we will learn to love sales!  He rode around to different businesses Tuesday through Friday with Grant J., one of Patrick's good good friends, and another guy in the company.  He said it was good to see the different styles of how they presented. Friday he headed to La Grange to spend some time with his parents.  They just re-did their back porch and added a hot, fun!!!

Our long week:  We didn't get into too much trouble while Patrick was gone.  The only different thing we did was have an outing to Rochester, MN.  It is about 40 minutes from where we live and is the home of the original Mayo Clinic.  Being the medical nerd, I really wanted to say that I have been there so that's what we did!  Kimmy, one of my friends, came with us and we took an hour long tour of all of the different art pieces in the clinic.  When we showed up for the tour we were the only people there!  Oh well, a cute old retired audiologist, named Ken, who speed walked every he went, took us around the place and gave us a little history.  We also made it to the mall, Babies R Us, Michaels, and DQ.  Successful trip I must say :)  The rest of the week we went for lots of walks, tried not to cook, and hung out with Jen a couple of times.

Glad my hubby is back!

Headed up north to Duluth, MN for Labor Day today!!!  We got a cabin on Lake Superior.  Can't wait...highs in the low 60's and lows in the 40's...fall is officially here I think :)  No more summer!