Monday, September 24, 2012

Class of '06 Reunion...Whoop!

This weekend we had our '06 reunion before the Aggies btho South Carolina.  Patrick drove in Friday evening to help with the events and he also went to reminence at Midnight Yell.  Brings back such fun times and memories he (and I) will never forget.  I'm sure it still gives him a few chills :)

Parker and I drove to CS Saturday morning and met up with Patrick at the tailgate reunion.  We got some family pics with Reveille!!! And we finally made it through the MSC to see all the renovations.  It looked awesome!  I thought they did a great job...I love how they changed so much but kept the heart of it, the flag room, still with the same look.  It has been forever since I have seen one of my favs, Mrs. Angela good to see her and her family.  And I also got to catch up with my college roomie Aimee and Holly.  The weather was pretty hot and no breeze so it ended up being a loooong afternoon.  Parker had a good time at the Hullabaloo playing with his cousins.  Around six, he was running on no nap so we hit the road when everyone starting going into the game.  Parker feel asleep within a minute once we got on the road back to our home.  We watched the second half  of the game and waited on Daddy to get home that night.

Hebert's and Boehm's...this is Patrick's boss and  his cute family!

Patrick, Conner, and Skinny

Angela and Tyler

Aimee and Holly getting some grub

Will working hard at the pit


Caroline and Ava with Reveille

Sunday was a go to church and relax kind of day.  I did sneak away for a couple of hours to help set up for our St. Anne's Mom group meeting we start this week.

ps...Since the weather is now back to best friends, the skeeters, are back...arghhhhh!

pss...We are officially on the MLS and have started our house hunting.  We have a while, but it is always fun to look at all the pretty homes :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BTHO SMU & Sunday Tshirt Project

Saturday was game day!!!  We got to watch the game in the comfort of our home with two wonderful families...The Freytag's and Anderle's and last but never least Rebecca :)  All the kiddos were around the same ages (4 boys and 1 girl) so they had an awesome time playing and giggling with each other.  They decorated cupcakes and wore Sully out!  The Aggies came out on top this weekend with a 46-3 win...not very exciting but at least we got a win under our belt.  Rebecca decided to hang with us for the evening, so we had a relaxing time catching up.

Today I wanted to make the cousins some Halloween/Thanksgiving shirts to wear!  Here's how they turned out...I still need to do some stitching around the edges.

Jake eating his cupcake...I should I say icing :)

Giggle time on the floor  with Drew, Aubrey, and Parker...I thing Aubrey was teaching  them how to do somersaults.

Cousins eating cupcakes and watching the Ags!

Parker is still in love with tractore so I had to incorporate them somehow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

18 Months

My baby is a year and a half old!  Wow!  You are a super fun age right now.  Gosh...where do I start on the updates.  Maybe I'll just share what a typical day is like for you now and that will get us started.  You usually wake between 8:30/9:00ish.  You are always ready to eat in the morning.  Daddy introduced you to sausage biscuits and you love them...sometimes you even eat two.  Otherwise you eat mommy's homemade pancakes or a cereal bar on the go.  After breakfast we usually get dressed and if it is a day Mommy works, I drop you off at Mrs. Berta's, I try not to think about you crying, and head to the office.  Daddy usually picks you up from daycare...he loves to watch you through the window as you play with the other kids.  However once you see him, you break down crying, run to him, and nuzzle your head in his neck.  Mrs. Berta says you do great after a couple of minutes of dropping you off.  She always says you eat well and you take a nap on the floor with the rest of the kids.  If it is not a work day for Mommy, after getting dressed we usually run and do any errands we have...either grocery shopping, target trips, park trips, etc.  We try to make it back by lunch and our lunch meals just vary depending on leftovers.  Otherwise our go-to meal is chicken nuggets, a quesadilla, or a PB sandwich.  You still love fruit...lately you have been on a clementine and grapes kick.  Between 1 and 2 o'clock you normally go down for a nap and sleep roughly 2-2.5 hours.  This is the time I make business phone calls, file insurance claims, more paperwork, dishes, and start dinner.  If dinner is ready when you get up and the weather is somewhat decent, we usually try and play basketball outside or go for a walk down our road as we wait for Daddy to get home from work.  You usually eat dinner before us around 5:30-6pm.  Otherwise you are digging through the pantry drawers wanting to eat every snack in there.  Dinner is sometimes a struggle finding things you will eat.  You like spaghetti, quesadillas, mac n cheese, couscous, wild rice, sweet potatoes/fries, cooked carrots, corn, occasional green bean, chicken, occasional sausage, and your favorite is pizza. I think I just need to make more kid friendly meals like casseroles or something, I don't know.  Since you don't eat many greens, about twice a week I will make all of us a smoothie with spinach and avocados hidden :)  You also love to eat greek yogurt as a snack still.  You always grab it out of the fridge, since it is in a place you can reach, stand by the silverware drawer, and once I hand you a spoon you plop on the kitchen floor and wait for me to help you...who needs tables :)  Daddy plays with you a lot in the evening.  You like to throw all of your toys out of their basket onto the floor and occasionally you will throw them back in.  You will put all the pillows on the floor, run and fall on them, and giggle giggle.  About every other day we give you a back unless you are super dirty.  Getting ready for bedtime, your favorite thing to do is take your vitamins...don't ask me why but you love them.  You hate brushing your teeth though!  You love wearing your tractor pj's and we usually take you to bed b/t 8:30 and 9:00ish.  Sometimes we read a few books but you have kind of lost interest in those and you just search for the pages with tractors on them.  You love to play with your alligator puppet...Daddy and Mommy usually tickle you with it and you just can't stop giggling.  You still sleep with you monkeys and love to give us kisses for night night time.

Interests:  Right now you are still fascinated with just love them.  You love to drive your toy tractors, you love to see them on the sides of the road, you like to watch them on youtube, and you love to read books about them.  When you do see one you usually say, "Wow...tractor!"  It is super cute :)  You still love dogs and your new fascination is babies.  Maybe because you have seen quite a few lately, but you will go up to them and give them hugs and kisses.  You have also discovered phones and like to walk around having an awesome conversation with baby or Pops or whoever.  The only tv show you really care about is still SuperWhy but it comes on too early so we never get to watch it.  Otherwise you could really care less about tv.  You will occasionally sit for a few minutes to watch the movie Cars and The Little Rascals.
This is how much you love fell asleep while daddy was mowing!

Words:  Let me see if I can list a few words you say, baby, tractor, wow, poop, mommy, daddy, pops, nana, grandpa, grandma, sully, kitty, meow, water, catch, hut-hut, "side", truck, basketball...I can't think of anymore but I'm sure there are a few more.

You are still a Momma's Boy.  You love to be tickled. You love to play catch with your football.  And you are still such a blessing to me and your Daddy.  We love you little guy and always will!!!

Here are your stats...
Height: 33 1/2 inches  (85%)
Weight:  22 lbs  (31%)
Head:  48  (68%)

Love, Mommy and Daddy

First Aggie Game 2012

This past weekend we headed to "God's Country", as Patrick would call it, for the first Aggie home game of the season.  We went Friday night, picked up pizza, and went straight to Kari and Skinny's house.  Parker had fun seeing baby Wyatt and giving him hugs and kisses.  He just points at him and says "baby, baby"...pretty cute.  The guys decided to relive their college days that night and headed to Northgate to catch up with a few other buddies.  Rebecca, Kari, and I chilled with the babies and went to bed early...sleep these days are way more precious than going to the bars and somebody had to have baby duty :)

Saturday had an early morning start, but we woke up to some 60 degree weather and it felt awesome!!!  It took awhile to get everyone out of the house but we finally made it to the Hebert Hullabaloo for some fun tailgating.  It was a busy campus with it being the first home game!  I had to be on my toes keeping track of Parker.  There were enough people that knew him, but not enough to where they would grab him if he started to run off.  He had a blast meeting everyone and playing with the Neunuebel kiddos.  The Hullabaloo had a tv set up this year and I was so excited to be able to sit there and watch the game, but I later found out that all the satellites were down...sooooo, we went back to the Stephens' house to watch it.  Parker was too busy playing with Jack and Luke that he didn't take a nap all day!!!  After yet another Aggie lose, we hit the road back home and we all crashed.

Wyatt and Parker got to finally meet Botbaby Cooper!

Sunday we went to church and then I sat outside all day to enjoy the nice weather and no mosquitoes!!!  Unfortunately they are already back...ughhhhh.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fayette County Fair & Patrick's 10 Year Reunion

We headed to La Grange this year to go to the Fayette County Fair!!!  Parker had a grand time at the parade looking at the tractors and chasing the candy.

After the parade we headed home fro some lunch and to meet up with the cousins.  Then we all headed out to the fair!  Soooo many tractors to sit on :)

Cousins on the John Deere!!!

Grandma and Parker

Aunt Rebecca and Thomas

Sweet Caroline

The all had a blast riding down the fun slide.

Grandpa and Parker

Family pic

Cousin love
We actually didn't take any pictures at Patrick's class reunion, but I think Patrick had a good time catching up with everyone.

Good Ole Weimar Softball Tourney

Patrick played in the annual softball tournament again this year.  It is usually a guy weekend and I just stay home, but this year Parker and I decided to join in on some of the festivities.  Saturday they played three games and just forfeited the last was Hot!  Parker had fun visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and watching Daddy play ball.  We only went to one game due to the heat and nap time.

 After the games we went out to Benny's for some good food and visiting.

Sunday on our way home we swung through Schulenburg to visit with G.G. Freytag.  And got to spend a few minutes with Nana and Pops :)

Anxiously waiting on Nana and Pops to arrive :)