Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jameson's Birth Story

It was early Thursday morning, August 22nd, 2013, when I woke at 3:30 and thought I peed my pants.  I rushed to the bathroom, sat down, and a fairly large gush of water/pee came and at that point I thought it was very odd I wasn’t able to hold my bladder.  I thought maybe the little guy just stepped perfect on my bladder and I didn’t have a choice.  But I also thought what if it was my water breaking.  I was 8 days early but didn’t have any contractions.  Of course I googled what it felt like when your water breaks and I fit the symptoms.  The biggest clue was that water kept leaking out even after I would use the restroom.  So we called the hospital and they told me to come in right away…yeah right.  I also texted our doula and good friend, and she said to wait if I felt comfortable and to try and get some rest.  I layed down but of course I didn’t sleep. 

Come morning, contractions were still not happening.  I eventually went for a walk around 8 am and then gave myself an acupuncture treatment around 10 am.  During my treatment I started to get some contractions going!  We had called everyone at this point and Sherry/Grandma was on her way to watch big brother Parker.  Around 12:30 pm my contractions were becoming very frequent, about every 3-4 minutes apart and we figured we better get on our way to the hospital.  We ended up dropping Parker off at daycare since Grandma was still about 30 minutes away.  When we got to the hospital contractions had slowed down to about every 10 minutes.  Patrick and I walked the hospital ground for over an hour to try and get them started again. Around 1:30 we eventually decided to check in to the hospital and they were floored when I told them my water broke early in the morning. 

I don’t think we finally got into our room until around 4-ish and by then contractions were definitely getting more intense.  Nana and Pops showed up around that time as well in anticipation to meet our little boy.  Once all the papers were finally signed and IV’s were in place, I decided to walk the halls a bit to get things going. After a few rounds, I decided to go back to the room and resort to the shower.  I got in the shower and stayed in there for the next almost 2 hours.  Contractions were super intense at this point, almost unbearable.  Our doula suggested that as long as I was comfortable, to stay in there until I started getting the urge to push.  She was afraid they would make me get in bed if I came out. 

Finally the urge to push started.  I got out, got on the bed, and they checked my dilation.  At that point I think they said I was 9 centimeters but so close.  I made it through a few more contractions and the urge to push was getting so strong.  Of course the doctor wasn’t there so they had me lay on my side and for the next few contractions they held my legs together and encouraged me not to push and to breathe.  I said bullsh**.  I really didn’t listen but I did try and relax as much as possible to avoid any tears.  Our little boys head was about half out when the doctor finally showed up.  All I remember was Patrick saying he had a head full of hair just like Parker.  I waited for the next contractions and after about two good pushes he was out.  What a sense of relief!  Daddy was crying, I was crying, and Jameson came out crying and ready to eat!  He was so beautiful!  Daddy cut the cord and the nurses quickly laid him on my chest. 

After everything was cleaned up, Nana, Pops, Aunt Kimmy, Grandma, and Big Brother Parker came in to meet Jameson!  Parker was a little taken back by the whole situation and didn’t want to touch him quite yet but he eventually warmed up the next day.  Patrick and I finally picked his name on Friday…we love you Jameson Joseph Hebert.

Jameson's First Month

One Month Old

Trying to get back on the band wagon so both of my boys have a fair remembrance of their first year.  I have definitely slacked since finding out we were expecting another little boy.

You are just the cutest.  We have had so much help this past month from your Grandma and Nana...what a blessing!  Parker is taking a little while adjusting to your arrival...he now has to share his Momma with you.  But all is getting easier by the day.  As far as having a newborn again, I think that whole concept has been less stressful...I know what to expect this time around.  I'm not afraid I'm going to break your arm off when I change your clothes.  I don't go crazy when you want to eat every hour sometimes.  And when you get a little rash, I know it will go away in just a few hours.

As far as you looks go, besides being a cutie.  You have less hair than Parker had and you kind of have this receding hair line look right now.  You are obviously bigger than Parker was and are gaining weight really well.  You occasionally have a little smirk on your face but it is not really a smile yet.  You and I have had some difficulties with like to pinch Mommy.  I have definitely suffered a bit but I'm sticking it out for you little guy.  We actually had to visit with a lactation consultant and went to see a pediatric dentist to make sure all was good with your mouth.  All was perfectly normal and we will continue to work on that good latch!  All else is going eat, sleep, and poop...the norm.  However you are definitely becoming more active.  You are still nursing every 2-3 hours and occasionally at night I may get 4 hours from you.  Just like Parker, your favorite place to sleep is on Mommy :)  I don't mind it though...good snuggle time. 

Until next month!
Love, Mommy

Saturday, January 5, 2013

No worries man! {Jamaica}

Patrick and I decided to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Jamaica this year!  It was the first time we both had been away from Parker, so we missed our little guy and thought about him lots but it was nice to have some time just to ourselves :)  Some of our good friends ended up joining us and we were so glad they did. The first few days we were there were a little rainy and we had an overcast, but we were still able to get out on the beach a little.  Had a lot of cocktails, ate some yummy food, and enjoyed the lush grounds of the resort.  It was built on the side of a hill, so we had lots of stairs to climb to get from one side of the resort to the we got a little workout in while we were there :)

We only ended up leaving the resort once to take an excursion to Dunn's River Falls.  It was a beautiful waterfall but instead of just taking pictures and going "oooo, ahhhhh", we actually started from the bottom, held each other hand in hand, and climbed up 900 ft!  It was pretty exhilarating and a little scary at times.  The Jamaicans go up and down the falls like monkeys and each morning they scrap the rocks to get rid of any algae that grew the day before.  Otherwise we would have been on our butts!

 We played a little beach volleyball, rode the catamaran and ended up seeing a huge sea turtle, went out to a nearby coral reef to do some snorkeling, and had no worries man.  Everything there was "no problem, no worries man"...I liked it!
 Our friends surprised us one night before our dinner date.  They snuck off to our room and decorated it with Christmas lights.  They had letters from all of our family members randomly placed around the room...reminiscing of their memories of our wedding day.  And to top it off they had a whole playlist going of all the songs from our wedding ceremony and reception.  It was so thoughtful and can't thank them enough.

Watching the Heisman Ceremony!!!  Way to go Johnny Football...thanks for putting the icing on our vacation!
Vacations are never long enough!  But I was really excited to come home and see Parker :)  Thanks Nana and Pops for taking care of him.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freytag Thanksgiving 2012

The Freytag Thanksgiving got a little postponed this year due to other events.  So we actually had it the weekend after. We had to make a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpa's to see the new tractor!!  Parker loved it.

We love it out at Hackberry.  The kids can't get enough of tractor rides from Uncle Christopher and Pops.  They would be on that trailer all day if they could!  Keeps them busy though and out of our hair.  Sully had a blast as usual chasing the tractor and 3-wheeler all day every day.  It takes him about 3 full days of sleeping to recover from a weekend at Hackberry :)  He also likes to pester Sky, our pony, and chase the longhorns in the pasture.

 Here is the tractor rides.  They are pretty relaxing!

 Tickles from Nana!  Parker loves his Nana.
Aunt Kristin and Pops
Before mass at Moravia on Saturday, we headed to the Moravia winery.  It was a cute place and after a few glasses everything tastes good :) We had a blast though and it made mass way more interesting.

Aubrey, Aunt Kimmy, and Parker


Lollipops in the tub time :P

We also got to celebrate Nana and Pop's birthdays this weekend...Happy Birthday!!!  And if you noticed the pictures being a little more vibrant and clear, it's because we got a new DSLR camera.  So excited to learn how to use it and finally get some awesome pics!!  Next holiday...Christmas!!!

Elizabeth's Wedding and Parker Dancing

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was blessed to be apart of one of my good friend's wedding.  It was in Marble Falls so since we were in the area, we thought we would make a few stops in our old stomping grounds.  We first picked up some trailer food downtown for lunch.  Then we headed to the Barton Springs park for a picnic outside.  We really wanted to take Parker on the train ride but the line was really long...booo. 

After lunch we drove up to Cedar Park and drove past our old home.  It was kind of sad...but my chrysanthemums were still blooming!  Then we made the old drive down 620, saw all the new development, drove past my old office, and then finally made it to Marble Falls.

That night we met up with everyone on the lake and had drinks and dinner.  It was a beautiful view and it was so great to catch up with everyone.  They were all of my Austin acupuncture them.  Parker loved Miss Ali! Patrick and Parker ended up going to a Christmas in the Park next door to the restaurant.  Parker got to sit on Santa's lap but wasn't too excited about it.

Forgot to mention we had Oscar and Sully with us in the hotel.  One big happy family!

Saturday was the wedding.  In the morning I went to the hall to help Elizabeth decorate.  Everything looked so wonderful and cute.  The actual ceremony was outside the building on the patio and it was a little frigid.  We were all shivering.  Once the dance started Parker had such a fun time running around with all the other kiddos, jumping off the stage, and breaking it down on the dance floor.  He even walked up to a cute little girl and gave her a kiss on the cheek. So happy for Elizabeth and Jeremy!!!

Hebert Thanksgiving 2012

Catch up time!  Like most peeps we have had a few days off at home which means I have a little down time to actually work on photo albums, clean, blog, etc, nice :)

Soooo, back to November for a little Turkey Fun.  This year we had to work around some weddings, so we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for actual Thanksgiving.  This year Sherry made it easy on herself and everyone and we ended up going to eat at the LG country cooking and no was great!  Parker and Thomas had a great time all weekend watching the trains go by in the backyard.  What a treat for them!  They both get soooo excited when they hear one coming.  Patrick brought back memories having wagon races down the steep hill.  And of course we watched a few Christmas movies to start the season.
Dinner at the country club!

Our handsome little boy :)

Family pic

Chillin' on the tracks

Daddy to Parker up close!

Reading the Polar Express with Grandma (and pickin' our nose).