Thursday, October 28, 2010

Czhilispiel 2010-Flatonia, TX

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4 Against 1.....It's a Boy!

That's right, I am completely out numbered now in our household.  Patrick, Little Hebert, Sully, and Oscar and then there is me.  But we are still so excited...we are having a little baby boy!!!  The Hebert name lives on!

Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment and anatomy ultrasound.  Nana and Pops (Mom & Dad Freytag) drove all the way to Austin to join in on the excitement.  Pics of us patiently waiting...

Let me just say...watching your little one on the ultrasound was absolutely amazing.  I think I could have watched it for hours just to see what he would do next. We didn't have the fancy 3-D imaging, but 2-D was good enough.  The ultrasound tech knew within the first 15 seconds that we were having a boy.  Patrick claims he saw the little winky, however I was too amazed with watching the heartbeat to even look or notice.  I guess you can tell where his priority was!  So far it looks like we have a perfectly healthy boy who is in the 51 percentile on length and weight.  We were able to see him arch his back, suck his thumb, touch his face, and of course wiggle.  Here are a few videos of the ultrasound I recorded off the tv when we got home...may not be the best quality...please excuse my comments...



And everyone keeps asking me if I have a here is a pic. I swore I wouldn't post any pics of just myself, but what else can you do :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 20...

So we have finally hit the halfway!!!  It definitely wasn't easy, but now is the fun part.  Tomorrow is the big day when we find out if little Hebert is a girl or boy!  It's soooo exciting, but each visit is always a little nerve-racking as well.  You always think about if something is wrong or what if.  Maybe it's the mom jeans already coming out :)  The best part is Patrick and I really don't care what it is...just as long as it's healthy. 

Pregnancy Updates...
1)  I still haven't bought any maternity clothes yet.  They are tough to find and when you do, they only have limited choices.  So much for a cute wardrobe (not that I had one before but).  Heading to the outlet stores in Round Rock soon!
2)  I have gained about 8 pounds thus far...aghhh.
3)  Morning sickness and headaches are update ever.
4)  I've realized those that spend $300 to $500 on their baby's bedding are insane...they are just going to pee and poop on it.
5)  I'm ready to decorate!
6)  Patrick is actually reading his manly baby proud of him.  (His favorite is "My Boys Can Swim")
7)  And I am actually reading my baby books...if you didn't know, we don't read.
8)  Little Hebert is about the size of a banana from head to toe.
9)  Most disturbing thing...He or she is producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels, and you'll see it in his first soiled diaper....can't wait!
10)  I think we have our names picked out, but I checked out a baby name book yesterday at the library...just in case another attracts our attention...nothing's set in stone yet.

We will update everyone soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acorns Galore!!!

So as I was walking barefoot in the backyard yesterday, I couldn't help but not step on a million acorns....Ouch!!  As you know they don't feel good on the little footsies.  However, instead of throwing out a few four letter words I just started laughing.  An old memory popped into my head of my brother, Christopher, and I and the neighborhood kids having acorn battles.  This is how they went down...

So we each set up our usually consisted of a cardboard box. Then we would all go around and hunt for our acorns and collect them in our shirts.  Then once everyone had their ammo..."on your mark, get set, gooooo!".  You could usually stay behind your fort wall until you ran out of ammo and then you were screwed.  Let's just say, if you haven't been in an acorn war hurts!  Especially when your big bro is throwing them!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uneventful Weekend turned Eventful...

Sooooo Patrick and I really didn't have plans for this weekend, but we managed to stay busy. I'll break it down by day...


Friday evening Patrick came home and surprised with "Guess what...let's go buy the new Beauty and the Beast movie for you!"  I was so excited however, when we went to the store we could only find it in the 3-disc combo set :(  We don't have blue ray, so it would have been a waste of moolah...bummer.  So we decided instead to go eat some juicy burgers at Moonie's Burger House...which actually have pretty amazing burgers with the yummy sour dough buns and a chocolate shake to finish it off.  After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, I convinced Patrick to go to Half Price Bookstore with me so I could look for a particular baby book.  Didn't find it, but instead I got another recommended book, "The Complete Book of Baby Bargains".  Of course I would get this book :)  We rented a cheapo red box movie instead, "the experiment"....weirdo movie...interesting idea but wouldn't recommend it.

Shannon and I went to Babies-R-Us Saturday morning to buy a gift for a friend.  Let's just say...we looked like two idiots that had no idea what we were doing :)  So much stuff and what do you do with it all!!!  There were like 50 strollers to pick from, bouncers, bibs, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc....did I mention there was so much stuff!  I'm definitely going to be lost when I have to register in a few weeks...I'll take any help or advice from you experienced moms.  Lunch at Jason's Deli, a trip to Michaels, and back home to watch the Aggie football game. 

Matt and Sara came over to the house to watch the Aggies lose another game.  Talk about a boring game!  Enough said on that.  We had a delicious dinner, sat outside by the chiminea 'til 11:00, and talked about small town memories. Almost forgot, Matt made us some fresh salsa that morning...delicious!

It started off like a normal Sunday, we woke up and got ready for mass.  I'm slightly embarrassed to write about this, but it definitely was eventful and I think I almost gave Patrick a heart attack.  We were about to go receive the Eucharist when I started to feel really sick and my ears started buzzin'.  I knew I was about to go down and quickly told Patrick I didn't feel well.  The next thing you know I'm in the cry room with a doctor asking me where I was! 

So yea, for whatever reason I passed out in the pew...thankfully Patrick caught me.  The women behind us went to get some help.  I sort of woke up enough to walk back to the cry room with the help of a few men and then on the way I went limp again!  I finally woke up later on a couch and a very, very nice family doctor checked me out and made sure I was okay.  Besides the embarrassment, I couldn't have asked for a better place to faint....with my hubby, under God's roof, around tons of caring people, and a family doctor in the mix.  They even brought us our own Eucharist after church since we obviously missed getting it at the alter.

The little guy/girl is still kicking this evening, so hopefully everything is okay.  I definitely took it very easy the rest of the day...and read my bargain book haha!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Whata" You Know...

So I'm a little slow with this posting however, I thought it was very necessary to inform the rest of the world about a little secret...

We all love Whataburger's disgustingly salty french fries every once in a while right??  But did you know there are five different kinds of KETCHUP!  Last weekend on our road trip to Dallas with Angela Ross and Keaton Askew (by the way they are two of the happiest, easy-going peeps I know), we stopped at Whataburger for lunch and Angela told us her friends figured out the ketchup packages were numbered 1 through 5.  So her friends did a taste test with all five and thought each one had a slightly different flavor...more salty, etc.  I wanted to solve this mystery, soooo I asked our waiter what the deal was and he gave us a very detailed and professional explanation. 

Okay so finally the secret...basically there is a difference between the viscosity or thickness of each ketchup package.  Number one is the runniest and five is the thickest!!!  Our waiter also informed us that numbers 3 and 4 are the most popular...good to know. 

So that's it...I hope you were just as amazed as I was.

Our taste test!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumkins, and scarecrows, and RATS!!!...Oh my!

Who needs to buy rats to decorate for Halloween when your dog so nicely brings one to you at the back door!!!

You guessed it, yesterday Sully managed to find/kill/play with a rat that we have seen run along our back fence before.  I was home my myself and saw the poor thing fluttering in his Sully's mouth.  Luckily he didn't try to eat it, but he sure didn't want to let his proud catch go.  I finally tricked him into coming inside for a treat until Patrick came home to dispose of it.  

Thirty minutes later, we all went outside to check if it was still there...and yes the rat was still breathing and slightly kicking.  Up close, I actually thought it was kinda cute and felt sorry for it.  So Patrick shoveled it up and we took it across the street to the elementary school and gave it a proper burial/farewell. 

As long as Sully keeps them out of the house...I don't care.  I think that rat will last me until Halloween.