Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First of October

So my Mom thought I should take a picture of our backyard each month so you get a sense of how much it is changing or how much snow we have!  Sooooo, here is my October post.  The leaves are all changing and the fall foliage is gorgeous.  They are also falling and gives me lots to pick up!

Below are a few shots from the park near our house...

Going for our Saturday morning run!

Okay here are two pics of the backyard...take note of the bird feeder.  And in the few months to come you will be able to tell how high the snow is :)
To the left

To the right
 And just a few random pics...
Sully waiting for Parker to play with him

Shootin' the bird

Hold me Momma
Giggly Video

Side note...Parker's first tooth is emerging!!!  On Monday, Oct. 3rd we felt one of his bottom ones peeking out.  It is barely there so no pics yet!

Aimee is coming to visit us tomorrow and Kari and Skinny will be here Friday!!!! Yahooooo...we are so excited!


  1. is that maroon shirt parker has on in the video a A&M polo shirt? Thats what it looks like and its adorable if so!!

  2. no, it's an a&m nike onesie from nana :)