Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Blog...And Second Doctor's Visit

So Patrick said that if I am going to be a "mom" I have to have a blog...so here we are!!  I thought it was an appropriate day to start blogging since we had our second doctor's visit today.  For those of you who haven't heard, Patrick and I will be expecting our first little one in March.  Mom is finally excited about it now that she feels like a person and Dad has always been excited.

We have decided to have our delivery at the North Austin Medical Center and are going to Ob*Gyn North for care.  One of the midwives took care of us today and she said everything looks great and the uterus is growing really good.  We got to hear the heartbeat again which was very strong and at one point we got to hear a kick or some type of quick movement...super cool!  Our next visit is in 6 weeks when we find out if we need to buy pink paint or blue paint...start putting in your votes...boy or girl?!?

Mom Lee Ann/Nana and Dad Wayne/Pops came to visit this past weekend.  The guys watched football as expected and barbecued, while Mom and I reupholstered one of our living room chairs in red....woohoo.  I'm glad Mom knew what she was doing...we are almost done and it looks great!  Just need a little hot glue and the professional to recover the cushion.  Mom said, "Do you think this is how Lacks started their business...sitting on the floor with a staple gun and a piece of fabric??".  Not sure if we are ready for the big league, but I think it turned out pretty good. 

The Aggies blessed us with another win...Whoop!  And how about that Hail Mary...didn't see it, but heard about it.  Sunday we got yummy breakfast tacos from Jardin Corona and Patrick and Dad decided to label the breaker switches while draining the hot water heater...man jobs. 

That is all for now!  We will see if I can keep this up...no promises :)

Our crazy pup...Sully :)



  1. Love the blog!!! I think you should start buying pink ruffles! That's my vote.

  2. cute cute!! mom..where is your maroon?? I'm glad you are feeling like a person again!! Love y'all :)

  3. Who knew she was going to post this for all to see. I don't even have on Make-up. Egads.
    How fun Allison. Sully's nose looks so big in that picture. The better to smell you with, my dear.

  4. cute allison! good luck with the little one! btw, i vote blue. its about time we got some men around here, lol. btw, this is olivia...