Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend in Aggieland

This past weekend we made the drive to College Station to watch the Aggies play FIU.  Who is FIU??  That's what I was thinking, however the Aggies played terrible until the 4th quarter and then finally pulled off a "W"....whewww!  Patrick would not have been a happy camper the rest of the weekend.  Even though we still played like doodoo, he was pleased and happy to have a 3-0 record so far this season.  Check out the Heberts' Hullabaloo...thanks Hebert's for all your hard work.

We finally had the chance to visit with Whitney and Tyler Coats and, of course, our BFF's Kari and Skinny.  Skinny turned 27 on Sunday...Happy Birthday Skin!!  How about all the new SHINY Aggie rings...Congratulations to Garrett, Kimberly's boyfriend...so exciting...he dunked his ring in 31 seconds Friday night!  And best of all the weather was great...cloudy, cool, and a slight breeze. 

Little Hebert is still growing strong.  I keep waiting for the first moment I am able to feel her/him...my email said some women describe it as popcorn popping or butterflies???  I will let you know!  For the first time today I had to wear a pony tail band on my pants...it just felt soooo much better.  Although you still can't really see an official bump, things are definitely growing wider.

I'm loving the cooler, crisp mornings!!  Sully and I went for a run this morning...first time really since getting preggo (because of the way I've been feeling).  Can't wait for pumpkins to start appearing on the front porches and scarecrows :)  All for now...


  1. You are much better at updating your blog than me. Wait till that baby comes though!

  2. Haha, yeah I know...I'm trying to make it a habit now!