Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at the Hebert's

Sunday we went to church and then prepared for the little kiddos that would be trick-or-treating that evening. Rebecca was in Austin for the weekend so she decided to stay Sunday night and help us pass out candy and scare the little children!

We first hung a tarp that enclosed our small front porch and positioned an awesome strobe light in the corner. We carved our pumpkins...one with a normal pumpkin face and the other with an ATM...we had to after our win on Saturday :) Once it started to get dark we put strobe lights in our pumpkins instead of candles, got our costumes on, and waited in anticipation for our first treater.
So Patrick had his face painted white with black eyes and red blood dripping down and dressed in his camo outfit. He sat in a chair near the strobe light while Rebecca and I sat at the door with the bowl of candy. Let's just say...many of the little ones never made it past Patrick or the "dead guy". It was tooooo scary! He didn't say a word or jump out...just sat there. Oh yes, and we had scary music playing in the background. Here are some videos of the ghoulish excitement (dark but you can still hear them)....
 The night was definitely a success and surpassed our expectations!  Ohhh the little things in life :)


  1. Oooohh! Now you know how much fun I have always had once a year a Halloween. So much fun scaring little kids. Even your own.

  2. Hehe...the music turned out great...now all I need is the scary witch nose :)

  3. Ohh. I forgot about that one. It was pretty good.