Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was pretty relaxing.  Friday night we made a quick jaunt to La Grange to watch the high school football game.  At half time they were recognizing all those players from LG who won a State Championship, 2000 and 1975.  Patrick wanted to go reminisce and see all of his old buddies.  However, it was COLD and we left after half time!  It was good to visit with the Hebert's for a short while before our drive back.

Saturday was a gorgeous day!  We woke with no alarm and got dressed to try out the first-ever Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival down at Zilker Park.  It started out great...got to try a few yummy samples but then it got hot and the lines were forever long.  We stood in line for our last sample for almost an hour!  But we got our vitamin D for the day and we weren't watching football...yahoo.  And then the Aggies played one heck of a game and beat OU!!!  What a surprise :)  It reminded me of my freshmen year at a&m when we played OU.  Kari, Beth, a few other friends, and I had tickets for the third deck on the very tip-top row.  Now you may think these were bad seats and yes it did take an eternity to get up there, but we had so much space and got a fantastic draft over the back of the stadium.  Needless to say, we won that game too and it was one of my best memories of Aggie football.
Gypsy Picnic Food Festival
Cuddling with Sully during the Aggie Game
Sunday we went to mass and did chores around the house...touched up our coffee tables, vacuumed, cleaned, washed rugs...you name it.  And something that we have been talking about for a year now...we finally went for a bike ride!!!  Who in the world designed skinny, hard bike seats...helloooo, they are not comfortable!  But the weather, company, and exercise made it worth while :)  We also started making room for Little Hebert.  We switched up some beds, moved the crib to where it is going to live, packed up all of our high school and baby stuff for the attic....the decorating ideas are definitely flowing now!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. And what a crazy festival. Austin will think of anything to party. And now it is time to make your nest for Little Hebert. What a special boy to have you as his parents.

  2. Hugs! Can't wait to meet Mr. Hebert. : )