Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Festivities in MN

Well this year's 4th of July was a little different.  No beach trip to the Island House, no seagulls, no waves, and most importantly no family :(  This weekend was the first time we felt a little homesick.  However, considering the circumstances we still had a great relaxing weekend.

Friday we headed to the Country Club after Patrick got off school.  He played a round of golf with the guys, while Parker and I went to the pool with the girls.  Us and two other couple's had dinner after they were done playing and while we were waiting for our food, we had our first tornado drill!  We get a few tornadoes in Texas, but apparently MN has lots.  We watched the storm roll in and they made us leave our table and head to the basement.  Our friends from Oklahoma were tornado experts and they helped bring comfort to the situation.  They told us we had nothing to worry about :)  We survived, but I felt like I was back in elementary school going through a fire drill again. 

Saturday we headed to the Owatonna "beach" on Lake Kohlmeier.  It was actually a pretty good substitution and made us feel like we were at the real beach.  Parker loved the water and the weather was nice and sunny.  That evening we went to the Hubbell House Restaurant .  It used to be an old stage coach stop and was built in 1856.  Neat building and so much history.

We really need to get a tan.

Sunday included church, another round of golf for Patrick, and a trip to the outlet mall for the sales.

And Monday, July 4th, we had plans to play putt-putt golf to continue our yearly tradition but unfortunately we ran out of time.  We had some friends over at the house for burgers and dogs.  We also wished we could go to the firework show here in town but since it gets dark here so late, the show didn't start until ten pm....too late for Mr. Parker.  We could actually see them from our house...they were just tiny :)

Overall it was a great weekend, however we are already looking forward to next year's beach trip with a little one year old Parker running all over the sand!  It will be fun.  Now back to the daily grind of studying for Patrick.  Not sure what this week holds for us :)

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