Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Solids, Bath Time, and the Weekend

This weekend we had a great time!  We didn't have any plans going into it, but managed to fill it up pretty easily.  Friday we ended up going bowling at the local bowling alley.  I broke 100 which is definitely a rare thing :)  All of Patrick's classmates were there as well and some of them were really good!  Saturday we ended up going back to the Owatonna "beach".  This weekend was the Hebert's annual beach/Rockport we had to pretend we were there :(  We definitely missed it. 

Mom-we used the Gorillapod to take this photo..worked great!!!
After getting some rays, we went to church and tried a new restaurant in town...Torey's.  It was supposed to be wonderful and we thought it was just mediocre. Patrick ordered Walleye, which is a type of fish up here, and it was super bland.  He actually complained and they said that's just what it tastes like...bring on the Chachere's!!!  We relaxed for the evening with a t-storm, Parker's first attempt at solids, bath time, and the movie Cedar Rapids.  It makes fun of insurance sales appropriate :)

Parker really enjoyed his first attempt with rice formula!  He is almost 5 months which seems a little early to me, since we are still breastfeeding, but we thought we would just try and see what happened.  He definitely liked the taste and probably half of it made it in his mouth :)  I made it pretty watery so it was almost like pouring it in his mouth.  But he didn't choke or make a yucky face.  He did want to chew on the spoon though and grab it!

Still need to set up the high chair :)
Today Patrick played a round of golf while Parker and I did chores around the house and chilled. Patrick has his first big presentation/speech this Tuesday, so he is practicing for that now.  Wish him luck!

Oh yes, I almost forgot...yesterday my niece Aubrey had her 3rd Bday Princess Party.  We obviously couldn't make it but it looked like loads of fun...wish we could have been there :(  Mom made party princess dresses for all of the little girls...too cute!


  1. Glad y'all found a beach! Next year will be awesome!

    P.S. Love the princess dresses for Aubrey! Great job, Nana!

  2. Parker's eating solids! He's looking so good in all his photos and videos! We missed you last weekend at Rockport. Keep the pics and videos coming!