Friday, September 2, 2011

Houston, Hot Tubs, and Hospitals

Patrick finally made it back home Sunday night around 10 pm and we were so glad!!!  We missed him lots and lots and I slept sooo much better Sunday night knowing he was next to me :)

Patrick's Trip:  I think he had a successful trip back home to Houston.  He got to see Rebecca's new apartment and spend some time with her. 
Several of his college buddies met up with him last Saturday and they all crashed at Brent's house...catching up, doing guy things.  Monday he had a district meeting and got to meet all of the marketing reps in his area or were we hope to get placed.  All of them love their job and it gave Patrick confidence knowing he made the right decision.  Supposedly, he has one of the best district managers/bosses in the company...based on sales, which is definitely a good thing...we will learn to love sales!  He rode around to different businesses Tuesday through Friday with Grant J., one of Patrick's good good friends, and another guy in the company.  He said it was good to see the different styles of how they presented. Friday he headed to La Grange to spend some time with his parents.  They just re-did their back porch and added a hot, fun!!!

Our long week:  We didn't get into too much trouble while Patrick was gone.  The only different thing we did was have an outing to Rochester, MN.  It is about 40 minutes from where we live and is the home of the original Mayo Clinic.  Being the medical nerd, I really wanted to say that I have been there so that's what we did!  Kimmy, one of my friends, came with us and we took an hour long tour of all of the different art pieces in the clinic.  When we showed up for the tour we were the only people there!  Oh well, a cute old retired audiologist, named Ken, who speed walked every he went, took us around the place and gave us a little history.  We also made it to the mall, Babies R Us, Michaels, and DQ.  Successful trip I must say :)  The rest of the week we went for lots of walks, tried not to cook, and hung out with Jen a couple of times.

Glad my hubby is back!

Headed up north to Duluth, MN for Labor Day today!!!  We got a cabin on Lake Superior.  Can't wait...highs in the low 60's and lows in the 40's...fall is officially here I think :)  No more summer!

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