Sunday, September 11, 2011

"C'mon Dover, Move Your Bloomin' Arse!" and Happy G-Rents Day!

Canterbury Park Horse Races
This weekend was filled with fun!  Friday all of the guys came over and played poker at our house.  Melissa and Ansley came too, so we got to chat :)  I think Patrick ended up coming in second place and won some!  However, Saturday we decided to go to the horse races at Canterbury Park, just right outside Minneapolis, and we lost it ALL!!!  It was the last weekend for the races so us and Kimmy and Nick headed there yesterday afternoon.  If I have ever been to the races before, I must have been too small to remember.  It was loads of fun!  It is so interactive...first you get to watch all the horses walk by with their jockeys (such tiny little men), then you pick your horse of choice (I usually just picked a name I Sugar Peaks or Have We Met...they are so creative), then go bet on it (we pretty much just bet the minimum), then it is time for the race, and they're off!!!  Which brings me to the title of my post...My Fair Lady, what a good classic movie :) 

Then of course if you won you get to collect your winnings...however, I wouldn't know what that feels like.  Luck was not on my side yesterday and I didn't win once.  Nick and Kimmy did good though and they broke even for the day. 

I just wish I would have brought a big hat and dressed up!

Today we went to church, watched some football, and put the storm windows on.  First we had to clean them all...eww.  We don't have these in Texas I don't think :)  They are supposed to add another layer of insulation...hope they work.  Fall is here and cooler weather is on the way.

Happy Grandparent's Day to Nana and Pops Freytag and Grandma and Grandpa Hebert...Parker loves and misses you!  And he is sitting up all by himself now :)

He just wanted to eat it :)

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  1. I can't believe he is sitting. What a big boy! But he looks so little on that horse as he coming around the stretch! Get his spurs and saddle cuz here comes Texas. Two more sleeps for us cuz we are staying in a hotel on Tuesday night. Just to make sure we get there on time without having to get up so early and fight the fires.