Monday, November 21, 2011

Our First Snow!

The weather man finally predicted right and we got our first snow on Saturday!!!  We got about 1-2 inches and unlike Texas, it is still on the ground :)  It was a beautiful sight to see however, winter is here and it's cold.  We were in Mankato, about an hour away, celebrating Lance's 30th Birthday when the snow started to fall and I had to drive home for the first time in snow.  It was a little nerve racking to say the least!  Any time a slid just a little I kinda freaked out.  Give me a few weeks and I will be a pro :)

Our House...before we added a few more lights.

Friday evening Patrick and I celebrated our anniversary.  We had a wonderful date at the sushi place in town...and yes, I finally got Patrick to try and order sushi.  He loved it!

Saturday night we had a surprise bday party for Lance.  He had a grand time! He is a Tennessee fan and Jen decorated everything in orange.

And Sunday, we went to mass, hung a few more Christmas lights, and attempted to take a picture for our Christmas cards using the Gorillapod.  Unfortunately the Gorillapod doesn't make funny noises or jump up and down to make Parker laugh...oh well :)

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  1. Well, if Parker said the name, gorilla pod, that would make him laugh. Looks magical.