Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Our Trip Home to Texas} Part 1

We had a great visit back home in Texas!  We got to see lots of family, friends, and Texas warmth :)  Our flight home was on October 23rd and Parker did great.  We had a connecting flight in Memphis and that worried me a little, but the plane really helps put him to sleep and he took a nap on both flights...whewww.  We met up with Mark and Sherry at the Houston airport. Their flight landed about an hour after ours and we all headed back home to La Grange.  Kimberly and Mom were anxiously awaiting and met up with us in La Grange to bring us home to Hallettsville.  We got to see the Hebert's new hot tub and barn...they were awesome...can't wait to use them over Christmas!  Kimberly finally got to play with was a long 5 months!

We made a trip to see Great Grandma Freytag in Schulenburg.  She loves Parker!

Cutest video of the two!!!  Makes me smile :)

Wednesday we headed to Katy to spend time with the cousins.  It was a mad house :)  The three of them got along great and I hate that they don't get to play more.  Auntie Rebecca also came by to have a few more hours with Parker :)  Thursday morning Parker and I got to go to the Halloween party at Aubrey and Luke's school...all of the little kids were soooo cute dressed up.

We love our Aunt Kristin!
Man time with Uncle Christopher
Thursday afternoon the Knights arrived in Texas!!!  It was so good to see them...I felt like it had been forever.  Olivia and Cooper were so grown up and are becoming such beautiul/handsome young adults. 

Waiting for the Knights on Nana and Pop's new pier!

Parker finally got to meet his Great Aunt Ali :)
Friday was the start of the annual Czhilispiel...chili cooking festival.  This year was a little different for the crew.  We weren't able to stay at Grandma's house so everyone crashed out at Hackberry.  A bunch of dentists all under one roof...makes for some interesting conversations :)

Saturday Parker and I woke early to head to College Station for the Aggie game and Parker's first Hullabaloo Tailgate, instead of heading to Flatonia for the chili cookoff.  We got to see Beth, Tiffany, and me some college buddies!!! 
Continued in Part II......

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