Saturday, February 18, 2012

11 Months!

Parker...this will be my last post before you will turn ONE!!!  It kind of makes me really sad you are growing so quickly.  This has been a fun month! I have lots of planning to do for your first birthday, so this may be a little shorter letter :)
You weigh about 18.5 pounds now.
You wear a size 3 diaper, almost in size 4.
You wear 12 months tops and 9 month britches.
You are a size 3 shoe.
Meal times have become much more fun for you and for me!  You got sick the first part of the month and you didn't really feel like eating anything for about a week.  However, I think you have been making up for it :)
You are still a little picky, but I finally got you eating peas and corn and cucumbers.  Yeah for some veggies!!!  You don't eat any more pureed food.  I am always a little timid feeding you new table food but you take it like a champ and really do a good job of chewing it up.  It amazes me what all you eat with only 4 1/2 teeth.  Lately for breakfast you have been eating either pancakes made with applesauce and sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, Cheerios, or greek yogurt.  For lunch you have fallen in love with quesadillas -- I usually make them with refried black beans, avocadoes, and chicken or hummus and chicken.  And dinner you usually have chicken, peas/carrots/corn, and brown rice or whole grain pasta.  Otherwise you eat parts of our dinner depending on what it is.  You have also really taken an interest in trying to feed yourself.  You try and get you rice on your spoon and occasionally it makes it to your mouth.  Oh yes, forgot to mention that you love fruit...your favorite lately are blueberries.
You are becoming a very good sleeper...knock on wood. Lately you have been sleeping until about 6:30 or 7-ish...I feed you then but you usually don't go back to sleep anymore. You usually take two naps still.

You have started to become a little more adventurous and occasionally will stand by yourself for a brief while.  Still waiting on that first little step though :)

This month you have accomplished the high five!!!  You have also been into head butting lately.  It is fine until you hit Mommy's nose and then it hurts.  Next on the list is Gig 'Em.

You have five teeth and your sixth is just right there.  You love to brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em.You love taking things out of boxes one at a time and usually throwing them and then sometimes putting them back in.

Only a couple more weeks that I can still call you my baby...then you will officially be a toddler.  However, you will always and forever be my baby boy.  Love you Monkey!

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