Monday, June 18, 2012

Hackberry Work Weekend

Two weekends ago everybody headed to Hackberry for a weekend full of work and fixin' up the place.  We all chilled Friday evening when everyone arrived.  Then we woke early Saturday morning, dressed in our rubber boots and garden gloves, and started working.  The girls were in charge of trimming the hedges, mowing, and picking weeds.  It was a great stress reliever and workout!  The guys helped Pops trim a bunch of trees and haul them to the burn pile.  They also cleaned up a bunch of brush...can we say poison ivy!!!  Let's not forget the most important job of them all...Nana maned the grandkids and cooked...hardest job of them all!

All in all we had a great weekend.  We didn't have an agenda for the weekend, no holiday, no presents to unwrap....just time to visit and make Hackberry look loved.  The grandkids all had an awesome time riding the tractor, lawn mower, and go-kart.  They were in heaven :)

Go-karting with Aunt Kristin!

The Freytag Men

Nana and Aubrey

Aunt Kimberly and Aunt Kristin

I love the tractor and my Daddy

Being free!!!

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