Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumkins, and scarecrows, and RATS!!!...Oh my!

Who needs to buy rats to decorate for Halloween when your dog so nicely brings one to you at the back door!!!

You guessed it, yesterday Sully managed to find/kill/play with a rat that we have seen run along our back fence before.  I was home my myself and saw the poor thing fluttering in his Sully's mouth.  Luckily he didn't try to eat it, but he sure didn't want to let his proud catch go.  I finally tricked him into coming inside for a treat until Patrick came home to dispose of it.  

Thirty minutes later, we all went outside to check if it was still there...and yes the rat was still breathing and slightly kicking.  Up close, I actually thought it was kinda cute and felt sorry for it.  So Patrick shoveled it up and we took it across the street to the elementary school and gave it a proper burial/farewell. 

As long as Sully keeps them out of the house...I don't care.  I think that rat will last me until Halloween.

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