Wednesday, January 19, 2011

32 Weeks & Baby Bedding Progress...

Mom, Dad, and Kimberly came up for the weekend and we made a good dent in the baby bedding.  Or should I say Mom made a good dent :)  I won't post pics until it is completely done though.  I realized that I need to start with smaller sewing projects from now on that don't really matter!  I think I took too big of a bite for just me.  But Mom knew exactly what she was doing and it looks superb!!!

32 Weeks:  All is good!  My belly button is now on the verge of poking out....oh please don't!  I don't want it to look like I have a ninny in the middle of my belly!!!!  I can really tell now where baby Hebert is in my belly.  I just never can tell if it is his little booty or his head that I am poking.  I don't notice the kicking and jabs so much anymore because he is running out of room.  But lots of hiccups!!!  At least twice a day, the little guy gets the hiccups...hope that's normal.  He is also definitely a male, because his favorite spot to push/press is right under my  The next appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday and then they start to get a lot more's getting so close!

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