Friday, January 7, 2011

Checking things off the baby list...

30 weeks!!! Oh my, that is a big milestone. Our little bundle will be here before we know it. We have been trying to get the have-to's done off of our list this past week, so we can be nice and relaxed for the next 10 weeks, plus or minus.

1. Got the rocking of my grandma's old has just the perfect squeak to it and so sentimental :)

2. Toured the hospital...where it is all going to go down...or out!

3. Had our 30 week doctor's visit...all was good...Patrick got to work the little heartbeat ultrasound machine.

4. Patrick put the crib together.

5. Set up some appointments for next week to meet with a few pediatricians.

6. Made the wall decor for cuteness behind the crib.

7. Got the registry all finished...I think (with the help of my "been there, tried that", experienced sister-in-law, Kristin...thank you!!!)

8. Continuing our birthing classes.

And I think that is it...

Still need to pick a name :) Oh yea, and finish making the baby bedding.

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