Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010...Santa Came!

Oh, Christmas time was here and this year was exceptional!  We didn't have to travel far this year for road trips this time.  We had our festivities in Texas with crazy Texas weather!

Santa first came to the Hebert's in La Grange.  We had a great time eating some yummy food, chasing Caroline and Sully, watching the rain pour down, and opening some great gifts.  We ended the evening on Thursday with a great game of Mexican Train...a Hebert favorite.  Patrick, Mark, and Mr. Hebert spent almost all day on Friday renting a wood splitter and splitting huge logs from three dead trees....quite the work out...glad I was only supervising :)  And we can't forget the traditional Italian sausage on Friday as well.

Friday evening we headed to Hackberry for the Freytag Christmas.  The Knight's drove all the way from Colorado and Suzy and Coop came from Santa Fe!!!  So glad they had been a few years since we had all been together...too long.  We opened tons of presents that night starting with the traditional Dollar Presents.  We have been doing Dollar Presents forever and they always bring a good laugh.  Here's how it works...everybody buys each person a gift that can't cost over $1.00, it could be less or it could be worth a lot more.  You never know what to expect.  We normally open them Christmas Eve since everyone is so anxious to open gifts and it gives the little ones the opportunity to grasp the concept of giving.  This year was a little different...we continued with our real gifts that night too!  We didn't finish opening until about 1:00 am!!  Santa came Saturday morning to visit Aubrey and fun to see their faces of excitement.  Over the weekend we had a great time playing the Knight's new games...In A Pickle, Imaginiff, Apples to Apples.  Sully had a blast as usual chasing Sky, our pony, and the longhorns...he thought he was a cow dog.  As always, Mom made some excellent food to keep us nice and full. I'm still disappointed I had to miss Cooper's pizza night :(

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Overall, I'd say it was quite a successful Christmas.  If only everyone could stay and not have to drive back home :(  We are always so blessed, not with gifts, but with family, love, and each other...which is better than any gift imaginable.  Until next year...

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