Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Month Old

I am a few days behind and it is not because I don't have the's because I am really slow typing with one hand!  My other hand is usually holding Mr. Parker :)  Parker had his 1 month check-up on Monday and all was good.  He gained 2 lbs. in just two little boy likes milk!  Here are his stats...

Doctor's Appointment 4/11/11
Weight:  9 lbs 0.5 oz
Height:  22 3/4 inches
Head Circumference:  15 1/2 inches

The first month has flown by, as will the rest of our lives from here on out probably.  Yes, the days can get a little monotonous and at points you just run out of ideas to make them stop crying, but it is all so worth it.  When he occasionally makes good eye contact with me, turns his head during tummy time, or starts to crack a smile, it makes each day and loss of sleep worthwhile.  Actually I can't complain too much, I have a pretty laid back baby.  This past week we finally bought him a SwaddleMe by Summer Infant and ever since he is sleeping 6-8 hours at night. far so good...I will keep my fingers crossed.  He still sleeps with us about half the night...more for convenience with nursing.  He is still wearing newborn size onesies, but it won't be long and he will be in the 3 month size.  I like to call Parker my little space heater because he is always so hot.  He sweats at night and anytime he is touching me...I'm always cold so I don't mind :)  Parker is starting to like bath time as long as he is in a good mood when we start the bath...much better than those cold sponge baths.  He is starting to smile more and more and I think he got his Daddy's dimples...yeah!  He also still has all the hair he was born with.  Everyone kept telling me it would fall out but so far so good. 

This past weekend Daddy was on his CRHP retreat at our church so Parker, Sully, and I headed to Hallettsville to visit with Nana (since Pops was on his ACTS retreat).  We got some good Nana time and then Grandma Hebert came on Saturday for the afternoon to visit.  Let's just say Parker got spoiled all weekend :)


  1. It's now time for Aunt Ali time! Cool Parker off in Colorado!

  2. Congrats Allison! So glad you guys are having so much fun with the little guy, he is just precious!! miss you guys!!