Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Sisters' Graduation

Last weekend both of our sisters graduated from Texas A&M University...Whoop!  Since we were in College Station all weekend, Parker got to wear some of his Aggie outfits finally.  This was also his first time on the A&M campus...Daddy thought it was so momentous :)

Friday we had a party for Kimberly at her house.  Saturday everyone came to the Reed arena parking lot for a picnic lunch and then we headed in for the 2 pm graduation.  I made Parker an outfit for Saturday...take a look at the pics :)  Oh how we all love three hour graduations, thank goodness they both graduated at the same time.  Parker slept the full three hours which was great.  And Aubrey and Luke kept busy with toys and snacks and such.

Both Kimberly and Rebecca did it!!!  They walked across the stage, without tripping, and got their official diplomas...YEAH!!!!!  So proud of both of them and all of their accomplishments.  And now both of our parents are free from paying anymore college tuition....yeah to them!!!

We all celebrated with dinner at La Bodega and then we headed to Northgate to meet up with the Botsfords, Stephens, and a few more college buddies.  They decided to give Parker the nickname of Buttons, after Benjamin Button, since he was already hitting up the bar scene at 2.5 months.

Sunday Patrick took his final insurance test and passed...whewww.  We spent the afternoon visiting with my family and then Kari, Skinny, and Trina stopped by to see Parker.  Only a few more weeks until the crazy move!

Too many pics to only choose a I have another Smilebox for you :)

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