Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye Austin...Hello Minnesota!

Tomorrow is the big day...we leave our home to move to the cold state of MN!!!  I'm already shivering :)  We are doing last minute packing today.  I'm procrastinating by blogging as you can see.  Only a few more boxes to go though...finally.  The movers will be here bright and early tomorrow and Patrick and his crew (my loving mother, Kimberly, and Garrett) will be hittin' the road tomorrow afternoon. 
Pray for them!  Patrick is driving the largest truck Budget makes and pulling my car behind it...I'm glad I won't be there to watch.  Let's just hope my car makes it in one piece and they have a fun road trip. 

I will be heading to La Grange tomorrow with Patrick's mom and Parker and I will be flying to Kansas City on Thursday.  First time flying...should be an adventure!  I will be meeting up with the crew there and making the last six hour drive with them.  Hopefully we will make it there Thursday evening...we hope.

We are looking forward to a year long ADVENTURE!!!  However, we are so sad to be leaving Austin and all of our friends.  And being within two hours of family!  Pretty sure this will make us appreciate Texas weather.

Things I've heard about MN so far...beautiful summers, but still hot, lots of humidity, ginormous mosquitoes, lots of Targets, the mall of America, tons of lakes and hiking trails, Piggly Wiggly grocery stores, ice fishing, and hockey.

All for now...back to packing.  We will keep everyone posted on our road trip and arrival :)  Again, pray for my car and all the travelers!

Oh yes...thank you to everyone who had us over for dinner/party or we met up somewhere...we had so much fun getting to see everyone before leaving!

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