Sunday, June 26, 2011

First 2 Weeks in MN

Our first two weeks have been great so far.  The weather has ranged from 55 to 85 degrees and is pretty unpredictable.  I have learned not to look at the forecast because it is always wrong.  One minute is will be sunshiny and the next it will be pouring down rain.  It has rained lots!!!...almost everyday.  The locals say it is unusual for this time of year (wish I could send it to Texas). 

A good portion of the time has been spent unpacking...almost done though.  The other time we have spent exploring the little's so cute.  It is about the size of Brenham...for you Texans...about 23,000ish.  It has all the necessities like a Target, Walmart, Lowes, and Kohls.  I have also found an outlet mall with a Gap and Old Navy...I'm set.  The town has so many beautiful parks!  In the summer time everyone is very active and loves to get outside as much as possible.  The are also very big garage sellers up to love that.  On average there are about 50 sales a weekend.  They have a website that lists them all by area (N, S, E, or W) and you check off which ones you want to go to and it prints it easy.  And they don't just have sales on Saturday from 8 - 12....some start on Thursday even and are all day!  The more I buy the more I have to pack back up in a year though...shucks!  They have a cute local theater and book store.  Their library is huge!  Wednesdays is half price at the Salvation Army :)  They have a great Farmer's Market every Saturday in the summer/fall.  We definitely hit this up our first Saturday there!

Garrett buying some cheese!
Our goodies we found :)

Beautiful hanging plants on every light post.
We have spent a lot of time outside bbq-ing.  Garrett cooked for us almost everyday they were here...yum!

Here are some pics from our Sunset dinner cruise on Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis.  The homes along this lake were phenomenal.  Some of them were around 35!

Long day on the lake :)

We went to the beautiful Cathedral of St. Paul Catholic church one Sunday in Minneapolis.

And we can't forget the famous Mall of America.  I can say that I have been, but not sure if I will ever go back...maybe if I turn 11 again soon.
 Northfield is a cute college town about 30 min from our town.  We did a little shopping there one morning.  They have a great riverwalk area and cutsie stores. 

And last but definitely not all...there version of a ski resort...

So much more, but my post is getting too long :)

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