Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road Trip

We made it to Minnesota!!!  I hope you weren't holding your breath waiting for my post.  I'm obviously a couple days behind.  Now for a few details on the trip!

The Budget van finally made route Tuesday evening, two hours later than the expected departure time.  No big deal, however the truck was packed to the MAX.  Very small holes were still available, otherwise nothing else was going in.  Everything that we cared about made it except my Grandma's rocking chair :(  I'm still on the hunt for a temporary one up here.
Let me remind you that this was the largest truck they offer and let me remind you again that my car was getting hooked up behind it.  So the crew made it to north Dallas Tuesday evening and they settled in at a La Quinta (which is pet friendly, if you ever need to travel with your furry friends).  Everything was going smooth so far :)

Wednesday they woke bright and early and started making their way north.  They didn't have to worry about getting lost because it was 35 the whole way.  They arrived in Kansas City around dinner time, got checked in to another La Quinta, and headed to a good ol' bbq restaurant.  Apparently, several larger black women, no offense, work at this restaurant and yell "Hi, how may I help you?" with a southern accent when you walk in the door.  And when I type yell, I mean yell.  I will have to download the video of it so you can see for yourself.  They said the bbq was delicious though and afterward the guys headed to the casino to do what they do best...lose money :)   But they had fun in the making.

Sunday the guys left early with Sully and headed to Minnesota.  Mom and Kim stayed back to pick Parker and I up from the Kansas City airport.  We stayed at the Hebert's house T & W, so Sherry could bring us to the airport.  We got some good Grandma and Grandpa time in and Pops came to visit us one last time too...
Sherry/Grandma dropped us off Thursday at the airport and we attempted Parker's first plane flight.  It was a little hectic going through security, but once we made it to the gate all was good.  We got to board the plane first and a cute older woman sat next to us.  She was great...she didn't mind if I nursed Parker during the flight and she even helped me change his diaper in our seat so I wouldn't have to get up.  Parker was great the whole time...he didn't cry once...whew!  First flight was a success.  Once the plan landed, we jumped in the car with Mom and Kim and began the last 6 hours of the trip.

Meanwhile, in the Budget all was going smooth until they were about a mile from our house.  Patrick was beebooping along and they came across a railroad track bridge.  The kind made out of stone and apparently lower than most bridges.

Let's just say...thank the Lord Garrett was riding in that truck.  They were about 5 feet from the bridge when Garrett said, "You think we are going to make it under that?".  Patrick slammed on the breaks, Garrett got out of the truck and checked the roof and said there is no way we are making that.  Let me also mention that this is one of the busiest roads in Owatonna.  Patrick couldn't back up since my car was on the back, so they had to unhook my car, drive it to a parking lot nearby, push the car tow thingy to the parking lot as well, and finally back the truck up.  Meanwhile, traffic was held up for 20 minutes!  Those crazy Texans making an entrance :)  Luckily a cop drove past and helped direct traffic for them.  Had they not stopped, the truck would have got scalped and a good portion of our stuff would have got damaged.  Sooooo, careful driving tall trucks under low bridges :)  

Everyone made it to the house safely and the house is nothing to brag about...just an older ranch style home.  But the backyard is great!  It has a great creek out back...the Minnesotans pronounce it "crick".  It sounds so's like having your own Homedics machine or Soundscapes :)  So far, so good!

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