Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go Twins Go!!!

Patrick had lots of quizzes this week and had his final for Phase I on Friday.  He did great on all of them and made an A on his final...that's my hubby!  To celebrate the end of the week, we headed to Plaza Morena, a mexican restaurant, Friday evening for drinks and sand volleyball!  If anyone knows me, I sure do get excited anytime I get the chance to play volleyball.  Soooo, Patrick babysat while Mommy finally got to play and forget about Parker for a short while.  I had tons of fun...I miss playing...hopefully I can get a team together for league play this fall.

Saturday we had a fun filled day in Minneapolis.  My Uncle Jeff's family all lives in Minnesota and his Mom, aka Nana Monie, lives just right in Minneapolis.  So we all had lunch at their home and had a great visit.  We talked about what other sites we should see in Minnesota while we are here, The Knights/Aunt Ali and Uncle Jeff/Cousin Olivia and Cooper, and of course Parker.  Monie and Keith loved Parker and we really enjoyed their company.

After lunch we headed downtown for our first Twins game and Parker's first baseball game.  We went to a few Irish pubs before the game and enjoyed the great weather.  Target field was awesome...we had seats down the first base side.  Parker slept for about 20 minutes the whole time we were there...everytime we got an out he would wake due to the cheering.  We had to take a few breaks to nurse and feed him cereal, but otherwise he was a trooper and lasted the whole game!!  The Twins ended up losing the game, but we had great family time and we can check it off of our list of MN things-to-do.

We got our Twins gear on :)

Taking his boy to his first baseball game!
Target Field

Parker loved the game...smiling as we leave the stadium


  1. Such a cutie! Can't stand another grandma kissing my grand baby. Oh well, my turn is coming soon.

  2. What a beautiful family having a blast!! Congrats Patrick on the grades...keep it up :)