Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Teaching Rebecca!!! and Home Alone

Patrick left Saturday morning for his first home visit!!!  He will be in Texas for a whole week.  I think he hung out with some of his buddies in Houston Saturday night and got to see Rebecca's new pad. He is headed to LG next weekend to see his parents.

Parker and I are stuck here in Minnesota :(  Wish we could have gone home too!  But that's okay, it's cool here :)  We filled our weekend with the farmer's market, Halloween costume shopping, tennis, a movie, and being outside.

HAPPY 1st DAY OF TEACHING FOR MONEY REBECCA!!!!  (and happy 1st day back for all you other teachers :)  Hope you love your new job and your boys.  You are going to be a fabulous teacher!
 I made this little apple out of crayons for Rebecca...I thought it turned out pretty cute.  Hope she likes it! 

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  1. Allison, you are toooooo cute! Love the apple. And good luck Rebecca.