Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Crazy Days

Before this weekend ends, I figured I better get in the details of last week...

Owatonna has an event downtown call "The Crazy Days".  For 5 days they have food vendors, arts and craft booths, and all the local shops have good deals on their merchandise.  Thursday was for the kiddos, so Melissa, Ansley, Parker, and I headed downtown to check out the deals.  We didn't come home with anything but had a good time.  Friday they had a hog roast and a live band.  The band was really great and we stayed and listened to them all night.  Good food, good music, and good company!!!

Patrick and Andrew

Jen, Parker, and Allison

Mommy and Parker with an awesome hair-do!

Saturday we woke and headed to the tennis courts for a match against Andrew and Jen.  We were all pretty rusty but it was fun to get out there again.  After we got some good PT in, we headed to downtown for lunch and to check out a few of the crafts.  Parker and I spent the rest of the day lounging, while Patrick and the boys went and played a round of golf.  We eventually met up with everyone at the country club for dinner.

Sunday was just a day of rest!


  1. Love the info. Sounds like fun! My favorite picture is the attitude picture of Parker and Patrick.