Monday, September 24, 2012

Class of '06 Reunion...Whoop!

This weekend we had our '06 reunion before the Aggies btho South Carolina.  Patrick drove in Friday evening to help with the events and he also went to reminence at Midnight Yell.  Brings back such fun times and memories he (and I) will never forget.  I'm sure it still gives him a few chills :)

Parker and I drove to CS Saturday morning and met up with Patrick at the tailgate reunion.  We got some family pics with Reveille!!! And we finally made it through the MSC to see all the renovations.  It looked awesome!  I thought they did a great job...I love how they changed so much but kept the heart of it, the flag room, still with the same look.  It has been forever since I have seen one of my favs, Mrs. Angela good to see her and her family.  And I also got to catch up with my college roomie Aimee and Holly.  The weather was pretty hot and no breeze so it ended up being a loooong afternoon.  Parker had a good time at the Hullabaloo playing with his cousins.  Around six, he was running on no nap so we hit the road when everyone starting going into the game.  Parker feel asleep within a minute once we got on the road back to our home.  We watched the second half  of the game and waited on Daddy to get home that night.

Hebert's and Boehm's...this is Patrick's boss and  his cute family!

Patrick, Conner, and Skinny

Angela and Tyler

Aimee and Holly getting some grub

Will working hard at the pit


Caroline and Ava with Reveille

Sunday was a go to church and relax kind of day.  I did sneak away for a couple of hours to help set up for our St. Anne's Mom group meeting we start this week.

ps...Since the weather is now back to best friends, the skeeters, are back...arghhhhh!

pss...We are officially on the MLS and have started our house hunting.  We have a while, but it is always fun to look at all the pretty homes :)

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