Sunday, September 16, 2012

BTHO SMU & Sunday Tshirt Project

Saturday was game day!!!  We got to watch the game in the comfort of our home with two wonderful families...The Freytag's and Anderle's and last but never least Rebecca :)  All the kiddos were around the same ages (4 boys and 1 girl) so they had an awesome time playing and giggling with each other.  They decorated cupcakes and wore Sully out!  The Aggies came out on top this weekend with a 46-3 win...not very exciting but at least we got a win under our belt.  Rebecca decided to hang with us for the evening, so we had a relaxing time catching up.

Today I wanted to make the cousins some Halloween/Thanksgiving shirts to wear!  Here's how they turned out...I still need to do some stitching around the edges.

Jake eating his cupcake...I should I say icing :)

Giggle time on the floor  with Drew, Aubrey, and Parker...I thing Aubrey was teaching  them how to do somersaults.

Cousins eating cupcakes and watching the Ags!

Parker is still in love with tractore so I had to incorporate them somehow.

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