Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Aggie Game 2012

This past weekend we headed to "God's Country", as Patrick would call it, for the first Aggie home game of the season.  We went Friday night, picked up pizza, and went straight to Kari and Skinny's house.  Parker had fun seeing baby Wyatt and giving him hugs and kisses.  He just points at him and says "baby, baby"...pretty cute.  The guys decided to relive their college days that night and headed to Northgate to catch up with a few other buddies.  Rebecca, Kari, and I chilled with the babies and went to bed early...sleep these days are way more precious than going to the bars and somebody had to have baby duty :)

Saturday had an early morning start, but we woke up to some 60 degree weather and it felt awesome!!!  It took awhile to get everyone out of the house but we finally made it to the Hebert Hullabaloo for some fun tailgating.  It was a busy campus with it being the first home game!  I had to be on my toes keeping track of Parker.  There were enough people that knew him, but not enough to where they would grab him if he started to run off.  He had a blast meeting everyone and playing with the Neunuebel kiddos.  The Hullabaloo had a tv set up this year and I was so excited to be able to sit there and watch the game, but I later found out that all the satellites were down...sooooo, we went back to the Stephens' house to watch it.  Parker was too busy playing with Jack and Luke that he didn't take a nap all day!!!  After yet another Aggie lose, we hit the road back home and we all crashed.

Wyatt and Parker got to finally meet Botbaby Cooper!

Sunday we went to church and then I sat outside all day to enjoy the nice weather and no mosquitoes!!!  Unfortunately they are already back...ughhhhh.

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