Thursday, January 5, 2012

4th Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Back in December we hosted one of our favorite parties...the tacky sweater party, although this year was a little different.  First off, we actually needed the sweaters this year!!! And a coat and snow boots :)  And second, nobody was there who was at the party last year :(  But that's okay, because we had a new awesome group of friends that showed up in their Christmas bells and green and red.

Jen helped me tackily decorate our house.  I must say it looked pretty good with the snowflakes, paper garland, ornaments, etc. 

 We gave out prizes this year for the ugly, uglier, and ugliest sweater....first place won a Colt 45...classic.  And the winners were...the old guys!
1st: AJ
2nd: Patrick
3rd: Lance

Who knows where we will be for next year's Tacky Sweater Party!   But can't wait :)

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