Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Months

Dear Parker, you are 10 months old!!!

You weigh about 18 pounds now.
You wear a size 3 diaper.
You wear 12 months tops and 9 month britches.
You are a size 3 shoe. You don't ever like putting them on, but it is too cold not to wear them.
 You love playing with the clean silverware while Mommy unloads.

 First real cheerios!!!

You are a slightly picky eater, but you really love feeding yourself.  You really have no desire for baby food anymore.  Your favorite is greek yogurt. I can usually pair it with anything and you will eat it. The only thing you really don't like is anything green still. Even if I pair it with yogurt, I can't trick you.  You basically want anything Mom is eating :)  You also think it is really funny to feed Sully your food.
 You are still sleeping pretty good. Most nights you only get up once around 5-ish. We usually bring you in our bed at that time and you quickly fall back asleep with some boob juice. You usually take two naps still.

You have really started to get the hang of pushing things and walking with things, whether it is your walker or the laundry basket.  If you happen to run into something, you back it up and turn it and keep on going. BUT you do have a slight temper that's starting to show up ever so often when you get yourself wedged in a corner and can't get squeal until I come help you.
You are a busy boy. You are crawling everywhere FAST and of course your favorite things are the toilet, plugs, and the dog bowl. Sully's bowl is now on top of the kitchen table and although we have safety plug thingys, you can still get them out occasionally. You are constantly pulling up and standing on things. You haven't tried to go from one object to the next while standing though...thank goodness, maybe a few more weeks until you start walking.
 You can dance and clap now...check out the mad dancing skills to SuperWhy!...
You have three teeth and your fourth is just right there. You have been eating your hand lately and playing with your tongue, so I know the fourth is on its way.

You are still pretty easy to take places. However, when we get around big crowds or noisy places you tend to clam up.  I guess you get your shyness from your Momma :)  I'm sure your Daddy will rub off on you in the future. During childcare, you usually only can last about an hour until you realize that I'm not there.  You are spoiled are starting to smell :)

Your favorite toys right now are your ABC love to throw them.  Your farm house you got for love to open and close the gates, put all the animals in the silo, and dance to the music it plays. You love to drive your tractors and hot wheels everywhere.  You also love to ram your popper into everything and make great noise with it...thanks Aunt Kim :)

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  Your hair is getting so, so long and your Daddy has made me promise to get it cut before your first birthday...hehe, we will see.

I love you more than you know,


  1. Best question to a baby ever! "Are you on crack?"
    ROFL love you and miss you guys!
    Cousin Olivia :)

  2. LOL! I thought so, too!
    I like Patrick's "Ewww, Baby Baby!" rendition in the laundry basket scene. I'll bet that's one of Parker's favorite pasttimes! Keep these wonderful videos coming, #1 Momma!