Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dog Sledding at the Winterfest

This weekend was full of winter activities!  The snow has been rather scarce this season so while we had some, we thought we better take advantage of it.  We hit up some sledding on Saturday.  Sully loved it more than any of us :)  Parker really wanted to crawl in the snow but quickly realized he couldn't when his hands sunk in the snow which resulted in a cold snowy face plant...poor little guy. 

Sunday we headed to the River Bend Winterfest in Faribault, MN.  It was about 11-15 degrees outside so we all bundled in our snow outfits!  Not sure what the wind chill was. 
We had a wonderful horse drawn sleigh ride...the Belgium horses were huge and so beautiful, especially against the white snow. 

Kimmy, Parker, and I tried out the Kicksleds...they were work!  It was kind of like a skateboard on snow.  Definitely like the idea of something pulling my sled instead of me pushing it :)

And lastly, we got to go on a dog sledding ride. The huskies were awesome...if Sully had a little more fur on him, he would totally be at the front of the pack. We learned there are two different types of huskies, some are better for endurance while some are better for strength.  I loved the ones with the pretty light blue eyes :)  Here are some pics, but Kimmy took more that I will have to get from her.

And to finish off the fun filled weekend, we built this really really huge snowman!!!
Haha, just kidding...instead we had a dance off in our living room :)  Truck driver is for you Skinny.
Dog sledding...check!

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  1. What fun!!! You'll cherish those memories! How invigorating being in the snow! I'm so glad you're having these adventures. And I'm so glad you're positng them!