Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elizabeth's Wedding and Parker Dancing

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was blessed to be apart of one of my good friend's wedding.  It was in Marble Falls so since we were in the area, we thought we would make a few stops in our old stomping grounds.  We first picked up some trailer food downtown for lunch.  Then we headed to the Barton Springs park for a picnic outside.  We really wanted to take Parker on the train ride but the line was really long...booo. 

After lunch we drove up to Cedar Park and drove past our old home.  It was kind of sad...but my chrysanthemums were still blooming!  Then we made the old drive down 620, saw all the new development, drove past my old office, and then finally made it to Marble Falls.

That night we met up with everyone on the lake and had drinks and dinner.  It was a beautiful view and it was so great to catch up with everyone.  They were all of my Austin acupuncture buddies...love them.  Parker loved Miss Ali! Patrick and Parker ended up going to a Christmas in the Park next door to the restaurant.  Parker got to sit on Santa's lap but wasn't too excited about it.

Forgot to mention we had Oscar and Sully with us in the hotel.  One big happy family!

Saturday was the wedding.  In the morning I went to the hall to help Elizabeth decorate.  Everything looked so wonderful and cute.  The actual ceremony was outside the building on the patio and it was a little frigid.  We were all shivering.  Once the dance started Parker had such a fun time running around with all the other kiddos, jumping off the stage, and breaking it down on the dance floor.  He even walked up to a cute little girl and gave her a kiss on the cheek. So happy for Elizabeth and Jeremy!!!

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