Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hebert Thanksgiving 2012

Catch up time!  Like most peeps we have had a few days off at home which means I have a little down time to actually work on photo albums, clean, blog, etc, etc...how nice :)

Soooo, back to November for a little Turkey Fun.  This year we had to work around some weddings, so we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for actual Thanksgiving.  This year Sherry made it easy on herself and everyone and we ended up going to eat at the LG country club...no cooking and no dishes...it was great!  Parker and Thomas had a great time all weekend watching the trains go by in the backyard.  What a treat for them!  They both get soooo excited when they hear one coming.  Patrick brought back memories having wagon races down the steep hill.  And of course we watched a few Christmas movies to start the season.
Dinner at the country club!

Our handsome little boy :)

Family pic

Chillin' on the tracks

Daddy to Parker up close!

Reading the Polar Express with Grandma (and pickin' our nose).

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