Saturday, January 5, 2013

No worries man! {Jamaica}

Patrick and I decided to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Jamaica this year!  It was the first time we both had been away from Parker, so we missed our little guy and thought about him lots but it was nice to have some time just to ourselves :)  Some of our good friends ended up joining us and we were so glad they did. The first few days we were there were a little rainy and we had an overcast, but we were still able to get out on the beach a little.  Had a lot of cocktails, ate some yummy food, and enjoyed the lush grounds of the resort.  It was built on the side of a hill, so we had lots of stairs to climb to get from one side of the resort to the we got a little workout in while we were there :)

We only ended up leaving the resort once to take an excursion to Dunn's River Falls.  It was a beautiful waterfall but instead of just taking pictures and going "oooo, ahhhhh", we actually started from the bottom, held each other hand in hand, and climbed up 900 ft!  It was pretty exhilarating and a little scary at times.  The Jamaicans go up and down the falls like monkeys and each morning they scrap the rocks to get rid of any algae that grew the day before.  Otherwise we would have been on our butts!

 We played a little beach volleyball, rode the catamaran and ended up seeing a huge sea turtle, went out to a nearby coral reef to do some snorkeling, and had no worries man.  Everything there was "no problem, no worries man"...I liked it!
 Our friends surprised us one night before our dinner date.  They snuck off to our room and decorated it with Christmas lights.  They had letters from all of our family members randomly placed around the room...reminiscing of their memories of our wedding day.  And to top it off they had a whole playlist going of all the songs from our wedding ceremony and reception.  It was so thoughtful and can't thank them enough.

Watching the Heisman Ceremony!!!  Way to go Johnny Football...thanks for putting the icing on our vacation!
Vacations are never long enough!  But I was really excited to come home and see Parker :)  Thanks Nana and Pops for taking care of him.

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