Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freytag Thanksgiving 2012

The Freytag Thanksgiving got a little postponed this year due to other events.  So we actually had it the weekend after. We had to make a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpa's to see the new tractor!!  Parker loved it.

We love it out at Hackberry.  The kids can't get enough of tractor rides from Uncle Christopher and Pops.  They would be on that trailer all day if they could!  Keeps them busy though and out of our hair.  Sully had a blast as usual chasing the tractor and 3-wheeler all day every day.  It takes him about 3 full days of sleeping to recover from a weekend at Hackberry :)  He also likes to pester Sky, our pony, and chase the longhorns in the pasture.

 Here is the tractor rides.  They are pretty relaxing!

 Tickles from Nana!  Parker loves his Nana.
Aunt Kristin and Pops
Before mass at Moravia on Saturday, we headed to the Moravia winery.  It was a cute place and after a few glasses everything tastes good :) We had a blast though and it made mass way more interesting.

Aubrey, Aunt Kimmy, and Parker


Lollipops in the tub time :P

We also got to celebrate Nana and Pop's birthdays this weekend...Happy Birthday!!!  And if you noticed the pictures being a little more vibrant and clear, it's because we got a new DSLR camera.  So excited to learn how to use it and finally get some awesome pics!!  Next holiday...Christmas!!!

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