Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jameson's First Month

One Month Old

Trying to get back on the band wagon so both of my boys have a fair remembrance of their first year.  I have definitely slacked since finding out we were expecting another little boy.

You are just the cutest.  We have had so much help this past month from your Grandma and Nana...what a blessing!  Parker is taking a little while adjusting to your arrival...he now has to share his Momma with you.  But all is getting easier by the day.  As far as having a newborn again, I think that whole concept has been less stressful...I know what to expect this time around.  I'm not afraid I'm going to break your arm off when I change your clothes.  I don't go crazy when you want to eat every hour sometimes.  And when you get a little rash, I know it will go away in just a few hours.

As far as you looks go, besides being a cutie.  You have less hair than Parker had and you kind of have this receding hair line look right now.  You are obviously bigger than Parker was and are gaining weight really well.  You occasionally have a little smirk on your face but it is not really a smile yet.  You and I have had some difficulties with like to pinch Mommy.  I have definitely suffered a bit but I'm sticking it out for you little guy.  We actually had to visit with a lactation consultant and went to see a pediatric dentist to make sure all was good with your mouth.  All was perfectly normal and we will continue to work on that good latch!  All else is going eat, sleep, and poop...the norm.  However you are definitely becoming more active.  You are still nursing every 2-3 hours and occasionally at night I may get 4 hours from you.  Just like Parker, your favorite place to sleep is on Mommy :)  I don't mind it though...good snuggle time. 

Until next month!
Love, Mommy

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