Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acorns Galore!!!

So as I was walking barefoot in the backyard yesterday, I couldn't help but not step on a million acorns....Ouch!!  As you know they don't feel good on the little footsies.  However, instead of throwing out a few four letter words I just started laughing.  An old memory popped into my head of my brother, Christopher, and I and the neighborhood kids having acorn battles.  This is how they went down...

So we each set up our forts...it usually consisted of a cardboard box. Then we would all go around and hunt for our acorns and collect them in our shirts.  Then once everyone had their ammo..."on your mark, get set, gooooo!".  You could usually stay behind your fort wall until you ran out of ammo and then you were screwed.  Let's just say, if you haven't been in an acorn war before...it hurts!  Especially when your big bro is throwing them!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. YAY for acorn wars!! For some reason I thought about this the other day too but I don't remember where I was. I must have been around acorns. Can't wait to see you guys again this weekend at the A&M game!!

  2. What happy times. Crazy times, but happy.
    We will have to teach little Hebert how to play!