Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Against 1.....It's a Boy!

That's right, I am completely out numbered now in our household.  Patrick, Little Hebert, Sully, and Oscar and then there is me.  But we are still so excited...we are having a little baby boy!!!  The Hebert name lives on!

Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment and anatomy ultrasound.  Nana and Pops (Mom & Dad Freytag) drove all the way to Austin to join in on the excitement.  Pics of us patiently waiting...

Let me just say...watching your little one on the ultrasound was absolutely amazing.  I think I could have watched it for hours just to see what he would do next. We didn't have the fancy 3-D imaging, but 2-D was good enough.  The ultrasound tech knew within the first 15 seconds that we were having a boy.  Patrick claims he saw the little winky, however I was too amazed with watching the heartbeat to even look or notice.  I guess you can tell where his priority was!  So far it looks like we have a perfectly healthy boy who is in the 51 percentile on length and weight.  We were able to see him arch his back, suck his thumb, touch his face, and of course wiggle.  Here are a few videos of the ultrasound I recorded off the tv when we got home...may not be the best quality...please excuse my comments...



And everyone keeps asking me if I have a here is a pic. I swore I wouldn't post any pics of just myself, but what else can you do :)


  1. I'm so excited for you both!! Congrats!!

  2. That is soo exciting, seems all of us classmates are having boys!!!!

  3. So excited for you guys!! Congratulations and hope to see you soon!!